Featured Review – DefCon1 from Faction Brewing

Might as well start big right. Heading into the new DefCon series from Faction Brewing at #1, the Belgian Quadruple. It pours a dark cola color and the candi sugar is the first dominant aroma and taste that I get. It has a syrupy sweetness to it. I start picturing it as a float with salted caramel ice cream to balance the flavors. There is a bit of spice layered underneath which adds a nice counterpoint. As it warms up, the flavors flatten a bit and the whole works well. Looking forward to trying the other numbers in the series b

Level Up

A Belgian alert! Faction Brewing has sent some DEFCON SoCal’s way…

DEFCON 1: Belgian Quadruple – 9.5% ABV

DEFCON 2: Belgian Tripel – 7.4% ABV

DEFCON 5: Belgian Table Beer – 4.2% ABV

Now we just have to wait and see what 3 and 4 are style-wise..

Chocolate Milk

Not a fan of pastry stouts or other sticky sweet beers but considering their stellar IPA track record and the addition of Nitro, makes this Faction beer sound like a lot of fun to taste. And they didn’t Nesquick IP the label either. Glad that L.A. gets shipments from them.

NBA Contenders – Brewery # 2 Faction Brewing of Alameda

Klay Thompson stayed.  A new coach has arrived.  Can the slightly re-jiggered Warriors take it up a notch in a hyper comptetitive Western Conference?  So far the answer is a resounding yes.

Maybe they can if they don’t split into groups and instead have beers together at Faction Brewing in Alameda.


I would start my taster tray with:

Pilsner – A Traditional Czech-Style Pilsner with Castle Pilsner malt & Saaz hops

2 Hop – Instead of single hop ales.  They mix and match a pair of hops to see how they blend together.

Defcon V Belgian Table beer – A merger of English hops and Belgian yeast and hops.

Barleywine – An American-Style Barleywine with American 2-Row, Crystal 77 & Chocolate malts and Chinook & Centennial Hops


The Tripel + Smog City =

In one of my homework assignments over on FoodGPS, I implored people to sample some Smog City beers. Well, lo and behold, now you have a chance….

“To celebrate the culmination of American Craft Beer Week, Smog City Brewery and The Tripel are teaming up for a night of big brews and fantastic food. The evening kicks off with a cocktail beer hour, followed by a special four-course tasting menu created by Brooke Williamson and Nick Roberts. Each course will be paired with a limited edition Smog City beer, all on draft. This special evening on May 21st begins at 6:30 p.m., and seating is extremely limited! For those unable to make the ticketed event, The Tripel will offer the special menu à la carte along with the limited selection of Smog City beers from 9pm to close.
Selection of Hors Oeuvres”
The cost is $65.00

Little Bo Pils

Hot and Sour Cockle Soup with Saison Runnings,
Sweetened Egg Omelette, and Wood Ear Mushrooms
L.A. Saison

Black Bread with Rabbit Pâté and Pickled Icicle Radish
Sabre-Toothed Squirrel

Beet Pasta with Wild Boar Ragout and Porcini Mushroom
Oaked Penumbra Stout

House Made Box of Candies
Groundwork Coffee Porter