The Firkin for February 2022

First it was food trucks. Then it was trivia nights. Then big TVs for sporting events.

Brewery taprooms had been filling every nook and cranny of the calendar up to when the 2020 hit. And now that calendar is filling again as we move from pandemic to endemic.

That leads me to two “attractions” that seem to be gaining traction. Maker’s Markets and Reality Show nights. Neither sound particularly tied to beer in my view.

You can point that say, craft soap and craft beer share that descriptor but if I want to buy a bar of locally made soap, I can do that without a brewery. Why do I need a few Etsy-ized tables in front of a brewery? This coming from someone who loves going to little shops. Wine + Eggs in Atwater Village is cool. Hi-Lo Markets are grand.

Then there are the Bachelor or Bachelorette nights. Maybe my hatred meets lack of interest in phony love not reality is showing and I understand that a weekly event might bring in regulars but it’s just icky. Like a footballer jersey sporting a Russian company sponsor. I do not have a replacement idea that would draw a drinking crowd but you are not going to see me watching a couple in a windmill or some bro hightailing it over a fence.

Durable Labels

Good looking and professional beer labels can be hard to do for those who brew at home.  Especially when there is spilling and sanitizing and the like.  Plus most prefer to spend their dollars on more equipment or boutique hops and not the art.

Enter: Garage Monk on the Etsy website.


With a line of cool and colorful vinyl labels that can withstand a bit of punishment that a paper label would wilt from.  I like the multiplication X sign myself.


beer wallet

Eco-friendly and beer go hand in hand. And here is someone who takes the leftover packaging and turns it into a useful item that shows your craft beer street cred.

Check out the Etsy shop for some beer wallets and cuffs and six pack holders.

(Thanks to Beer O’Clock for highlighting this product)