Enegren Brewing will be releasing their fall seasonal on Dec. 7th, which actually fits since it probably won’t feel like fall until December.

The latest 16oz can release is the Batlic Maple Porter, described by the brewery as having “a complex malt profile with hints of toasted bread, caramel and mild smokiness. It is naturally carbonated with maple syrup and lagered for 60 days on sugar-maple wood.”

2nd Visit – Enegren Brewing

Sunday is the best time to beer travel in Los Angeles. There is still traffic but I plan my longer trips for this day. I also like leftovers days, those days after a big event. You might not get the “it” beer but you almost always find a chill vibe.

That is all preamble to my trip to Moorpark and Enegren Brewing for what is either my 2nd or 3rd visit. I have had their beers in between visits of course, especially now that they can (with their very own machine no less) and I can pick up their German inspired beers closer to home.

This Sunday was the day after Oktoberfest and the tents and chairs and signs were being brought down as I walked in. A few people had beat me there but I saw a nice full tap list and got to talking with Chris Enegren himself which is always fun.

I took to the lighter options more than the darker ones on this visit. Edel-Pils was my favorite with a lovely potpourri aroma and bright clear finish. The Rasenmaher Bier (AKA lanwmower beer) was quite good too. It had a quick lemony hop hit and then finished simpler which is great for our continued hot days. The aptly named The Lightest One is a great Fall sports beer. One of those that you look down and it’s half empty.

The Oktoberfest and Dunkel were nice examples of the style. Simple and direct. Whereas the Blondefire was pure BBQ smoke. If you like that Bambergian Rauchbier, this is a balanced (for a smoke beer) version. All of the beers gave me renewed confidence to pick up their canned offerings when I see them.

Enegren has more plans in the making, including expanding their space on Flinn Avenue as well as other growth as well. Just don’t go looking for hazy, unless you are hankering for a hefeweizen.

Sean Suggests for September 2018

Let’s stray from the IP-Yeah! for a second straight month and head to the lighter side. Why? Because it is still kinda global warm here in SoCal.

Cervecería de Colima / Colimita 4.20% ABV
“Colimita is the motivation and raison d’être of Cervecería de Colima. It emerged to represent the beautiful simplicity of this tropical garden under the volcano, of this which is the favorite land of the sun.”

Enegren Brewing / Edel Pils 4.80% ABV
“Crisp, clean and refreshing traditional German-Style Pilsner. Brewed with German Pilsner malts and German noble hops, this is a easy drinking summer beer with a just enough hop bite.”

Almanac / Vibes Pilsner 5.30% ABV
“Vibes Pilsner is our hoppy NorCal twist on the classic Pilsner style. Brewed with California-grown and malted Admiral Pilsner malt, and dry-hopped with Hüll Melon, Citra and Motueka for dank lemon-lime aromas, this ultra crisp lager is all good.”

All of these beers can be found at Sunset Beer Co. (unless they got bought up real quick)

Enegren is Turning 6

In about three weeks time, Enegren Brewing will throw a party celebrating their 6th anniversary on Saturday, August 19 at 11 AM – 10 PM

And if you like rum, you will be pleased because they are releasing a special anniversary beer – a Rum Barrel Aged Dopplebock.

There will also be live music and food from Disgustingly Delicious and Baby’s Badass Burgers.

Not there Yet

Here is the scenario: You walk into a new brewery tap room. The décor is quirky. The people are friendly. The taster tray holding your samplers is adorned with a cool logo.

Then you take the first sip of the first beer. Your friend, who is across the table, has already grimaced a bit. Not a good sign. You don’t hate it but there is something weird going on. You take another sip. Is it not to style? Or was there a brewing mistake?

You try the rest of the sampler and nothing rings your bell. You grasp for a favorite but can’t find one. Only one that is better than the rest. After some discussion, you and your buddy get up. The server sees that your glasses are suspiciously not empty as you slink out.

This has happened to me and it may have to you as well. Instead of being vague, I will name the brewery. It was Escape Craft Brewery in Redlands. My friend and I tried six beers in their warehouse space that is similar to many tap rooms across the Southland. The Vanilla Sunset Lager tasted like Cream Soda. Way too light and heavy on vanilla. The Destination Brown was light but mostly tasted of tar. The Lazy Day IPA was fine but still had a weird off note tucked into it. The Midnight Express English stout was OK if a touch too sweet. Coming off having some stellar MacLeod ales the day before however, really showed how far they had to go. Beer # 5 was a Red Rye IPA that, again, bordered on too sweet and was missing rye to boot. Finally by the end, a beer that I could finish the taster of, the Road Rage 10% Imperial Red Ale.

This was on the heels of some sticky sweet barrel aged beers at Enegren in Moorpark that didn’t strike me or my palate very well. Being the confrontation averse person that I am, in neither instance did I come out and say that I did not enjoy the beers.

Other people in both tap rooms seemed to be quite happy. So who am I to judge? Wouldn’t that make me the “snob” that the craft beer community so loathes?

Not if you walked with the hope that the beer would be good. Not if you want to leave impressed. Not if you want to tell the world about this brewery you found.

The other key is to try the beers again. I am not saying that you need to go out of your way to try them but don’t go out of your way to not try them either. Maybe the brewers need time to work out kinks like a basketball team needs time to gel as a group.

As the brewing scene in Los Angeles grows, there will be a separation between great, good, OK and not there yet. Take this as an my opening salvo in calling out (constructively, not troll-y) those who fall into that last category.

Enegren is Growing, check them out


Enegren Brewing Company is sometimes out of sight and out of mind for the L.A. Beer savvy but they have been plugging away since 2011 and they will premiere their new 15-bbl brewery on January 24th, 2015.  They are spoken of in terms of their tech savvy and their engineering prowess and now they have quadrupled the brewery’s brewing capacity. while also doubling the tasting room size!

This might be the time to either acquaint or re-acquaint yourself with their wares because they will have a special beer on tap….

“The brewery has partnered with The White Heart Foundation charity to commemorate this milestone. The White Heart foundation serves the needs of our wounded warriors through direct community support. A special White Heart White IPA brewed with Cascade, Citra and Galaxy hops will be for sale exclusively at the brewery with 100% of the revenue donated to charity.”

Enegren Brewing

I got my first chance to sample some new Ventura County Brew from Enegren Brewing last night at the crowded but AC filled tasting room at Wades Wines.

The tasting menu for the night.

IPA on left, two versions of Alt in the middle and the session on the right

A closer look at Captain's Summer Session and Valkyrie Alt

My final Verdict was that the X1 Valkyrie was the best followed by the Protector IPA, regular Valkyrie and then the Summer Session.

If you are in Santa Monica next Wednesday, Enegren will be at the famous Library Alehouse.