Enegren Brewing wanted to add to your dark beer choices and your pilsner options, a new beer arrives for both…

Edel-Hawk Black Pilsner with the “roasty goodness of Nighthawk with a slight floralness of Noble hops gives this beer a super dry crisp finish.”

A Lite 11

For Enegren Brewings 11th Anniversary, they have a bright L11te for you.

“For our 11th Anniversary, we brewed this extremely refreshing German-Style Leichtbier using just hops, malt, water and yeast. Save the corn for the BBQ and enjoy this full flavored light lager.”

Review – Two from Enegren Brewing

Let’s double up on Germanic beer with two from sorta/kinda local, Enegren Brewing.

American Reinheitsgebot 2022 Dark Lager – Brewed in collaboration with the much loved Moonlight Brewing Co. (which recently got a new part owner in Patrick Rue of Erosion Wines) this lager is rich and luxurious with a tiny touch of chocolate. Leaves pretty espresso rings of lacing on the glass. There is a slight bitterness here underneath but overall this is a simple dark lager, no fussiness at all.

Maibock – need to get this review in before June starts. This spring lager pours a lovely clear orange color. Sweet malt aroma on the nose. Honey is the dominant note here, Silky smooth texture. The ABV strength is there. Strangely, this reminds me of Bell’s Double Two Hearted a bit minus the hop kick.

Moonlight Over Enegren

“April 23rd, 2022 is the 506th Anniversary of the Reinheitsgebot and just so happens to be the same day as Frühlingsfest where we will be releasing this year’s American Reinheitsgebot American Dark Lager”

Enegren has joined with much lauded Moonlight Brewing of Santa Rosa for this new Czech Style dark lager that uses Zuper Saazer hops from HopHead Farms and the grain is from Admiral Maltings.

Imagine Dragons

The Enegren Brewing Single Hop pilsner series is on the next iteration….

“Styrian Dragon Hops a rare new hop variety bred at the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing in Žalec, also where real dragons are from. These hops give this beautiful pilsner flavors of floral citrus, grapefruit, lemon, berries, rose, and tropical fruit.”

Santa’s Pint Glass – Day 1

Let’s fill Santa’s shaker pint with a SoCal beer to start the holiday season strong, with Christmas Bock from Enegren Brewing

Here is the description of their first ever holiday beer: “This medium bodied amber bock bier has rich caramelly flavors paired with mild, Christmassy spice characteristics from the German Hallertau and Herkules hops. A perfect combination with its higher ABV to celebrate Christmas all month long! Frohe Weihnachten!”

Zehn Time

No tension, just Ten as in Zehn at Enegren Brewing. August 21st

“It has been 10 years since we started this journey in a 1000sqft a 3 barrel brewery serving only 4 taster glasses of beer to each confused individual that stumbled upon our door. Things have changed! And it’s time to celebrate! Mark your calendars and grab your lederhosen because we’re throwing an epic ZEHN FEST complete with German Music, German Food, a ferris wheel and our 10TH Anniversary Zehn Fest Pilsner served in one of a kind Maximilian Steins!”


The great thing about niche style breweries like Enegren Brewing is that it allows the guest brewer to play in a different sandbox than normal. Beachwood does its fair share of styles but a Dortmunder is a little brewed style that is welcome to see and probably design a recipe for. And it would pair nicely with their BBQ too.

Green Ghost

Enegren Brewing recently releases a new rotating Hop pilsner using “Grüngeist hops, meaning “green ghost” in German, lend flavors of peach, passionfruit, and lemon zest giving this pilsner a slight fruitiness with a crisp finish.”

I had never heard of this hop before and I found you haven’t either, this might be a great way to start sampling these single hop pilsners.