Bend it Like Founders

To celebrate reaching the 20-year mark Founders Brewing will release Tank Bender in October. And it will be big.

Tank Bender is a barrel-aged eisbock that literally bent one of their fermentation tanks in the process of being brewed, due to collapsing ice.

The brewery describes the beer as having “toasty and dark fruit notes while a stay in bourbon barrels tames those intense flavors.”

750-milliliter bottles will be available on October 14th, both individually, and in special gift sets with glassware.

Redhook Eisbock

Both Karl Strauss and Redhook were craft pioneers who seemed to get passed by or considered too big and not micro cool.

Well now both are coming out swinging. Strauss with some good IPA bombers and Redhook with their 8-4-2 Expedition and now with this…

It is described on the label as, “Aged for months at temperatures well below freezing, Eisbock 28 is extraordinarily smooth and malt with a bittersweet complexity achieved by ice processing.”

New Glarus Brewing

This is one of two breweries that I wish had beer here in Los Angeles. I have had the Belgian Red and the Raspberry Tart and both were beyond excellent. To give you an idea of the styles they have, here are their “unplugged” beers for 2009….Iced Barleywine, Imperial Saison, Eisbock and an Olde English Porter. Makes you want to go to Wisconsin.