2018 Fast

The Brewers Association releases their annual, Fastest Growing Breweries List.  I went down the list with us Angelenos in mind and found two breweries at the tail end of the top 50.

Frogtown Brewery which is tucked down side streets just off of Fletcher near the 5 Freeway landed at 43 and then right behind it is a Long Beach brewery, but not the one that I or you probably expected.  Dutch’s BrewHouse. 

I have visited Frogtown a couple of times and they can their blonde and IPA’s but I did not peg them for having had a big growth spurt but then again, I had not heard of most of the breweries on the list which probably speaks to the fact that the really small are enjoying the biggest gains in the current low growth time.

I guess I will need to add Dutch to my list in addition to Ambitious Ales for my next Long Beach visit and see what they are doing right.