A Non Starter

I am empathetic to but wary of groups who have anti-alcohol agendas. In this recent, NPR piece they discussed various options for curbing drunk driving with automotive technology.

I have spoken about this in the past but considering the refusal by large chunks of the country to wear a simple mask, the chances that drivers will blow into a tube or take an onscreen direction from a car is probably not going to happen.

It is also bad enough that my Prius is probably sending information to Toyota but what if it sends info about where I am and realizes I am near a brewery?

Now, I would not mind if the tech had an opt-in. I would like to know if I am over a limit and need to wait thirty minutes to an hour before driving. Especially if that meant an insurance discount.

This may need to have a stick AND carrot approach.


Until we get to the full (and safe) self-driving car, safety technology in cars will be big sells, in my opinion and one of the biggies is stopping those impaired by alcohol / marijuana from operating a vehicle.

Currently the tech is pushed from the state from the courts. You get a drunk driving ticket and you will have your car set to test you and pass before the engine comes on. But if the tech can actually and passively collect and analyze the breath correctly, then it could be phased into cars.

Right now though, we are not there yet as this NPR article points out. I do think the time will come when it is standard and when that time comes, I also hope that having a bajillion devices lit up in the drivers view will also have a fix. The other DD (distracted driving) is a big problem too.