Ducks and Bears

Beer business news broke earlier this month that I thought I should make at least a brief comment on….

A little twist on the acquisition front as Drakes Beer is the new owner of the brands only of Bear Republic Brewing famous for their Racer 5 IPA.  (which I now need to find to compare one version to the upcoming new one)

Rich Norgrove the leader of Bear Republic will join the Drake’s organization which bodes well for continuity. How many recipes will make the trip is a question.

I guess that means that Drakes must be doing OK or have brewing capacity and secondly, that there is now a brewing space open for a new brewery. Which is why I am usually only momentarily sad when a brewery shuts down, because I feel it is an opportunity for a new owner to make new beers.

DIY Mini Cornhole

Count me as one of the killjoys who does not understand cornhole popularity at breweries. Granted, waaay better than any beer place with ax throwing but still not for me.

That said, mini-cornhole sounds like a fun little enterprise. I have bottlecaps back from the era of bottles, so I would be ready to toss. Plus it is a easy little funcycling activity. Just find a sixer of Drakes beer which isn’t hard to find in LA and get your scissors out.

Santa’s Pint Glass – Day 14

Who doesn’t want to see beer under the Christmas tree? Or the Christmas tree in the beer? Drake’s Brewing Co. has you covered for both with their Tree Beer IPA.

“We don’t stuff an entire Christmas tree into the brew kettle anymore, but Tree Beer’s legendary creation story endures with each delicious sip. Tree Beer IPA is a harmonious blend of fresh spruce tips, juniper berries, Chinook, and Idaho #7 hops.”

Mini Cornhole

In my day, I have made fun of the ubiquitous cornhole you see a brewery taprooms and a time festivals but I also love creativity, so Drakes gets a thumbs up for their imaginative use of their six-pack holder…

Review – Brightside Extra Brut IPA from Drakes

It is probably past time for a review of the Brut IPA style, so here goes with the Drake’s Brewing Co. Brightside Extra Brut IPA from what you could call the AOC of the style, the Bay Area.

This IPA comes across not so bitter to me because there are other forces at play here that are stronger. It is indeed very dry. Bone dry to be more precise. Almost tannic in the taste. It pours a clear dark yellow and orange mix. This beer has a lovely and strong hop perfume aroma to it which foretells a bigger hop punch than what arrives. That aroma though is my favorite part of this beer. All of the fruit esters have been driven away and there is a super crisp finish to this. I like it but I if you gave me a dank or tropical or even milkshake-y IPA, I might reach for those first for a IPA kick.

Pigeons of War

I will make the assumption that pigeons have something to do with Drake and ships on the open sea and war. Mostly because I think the label is really cool and not only is quite stylistically apart from “normal” Drakes Brewing labels while also still being recognizably Drakes but also sports a cool font and a green/orange color scheme that works really well.

Oh, and they know a bit about hops up there so a DIPA is firmly in their wheelhouse.


Drake’s is adding their voice to the chorus of those lending a hand to those in Orlando, Florida. A rye IPA that was created for San Francisco Pride this year will now also lend its profits from sales to the victims and families of the shooting. Again, all we have to do is order one if we see it. And drink it with pride.

Video Beer Review – Drakes Robusto Porter

The second and final porter review for February is the Robusto from Drakes in the Bay Area…..

And here is the 411 on the beer from their website, “Drake’s Black Robusto Porter is a deep, dark “Robust Porter,” a beer style known for being darker, fuller-bodied, and higher in alcohol by volume than a standard Brown Porter. Our Black Robusto goes down smoothly with flavors of bittersweet chocolate an slight roast from Crystal and Chocolate malt. A touch of spicy, herbal hop character from Willamette hops balance out the finish.”