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Some may consider having a building at a prestigious university named after them proof of a life well led. But I would argue that having brewing equipment named after you is even better.

Which leads to a fundraising campaign as brewing legend Charlie Papazian explains, “Metropolitan State University of Denver plans to name their 3 ½ barrel brewing laboratory after me. The Charlie Papazian Brewing Education Lab.

In effect they are commemorating the role that homebrewers and beer enthusiasts like you and I have played in making the world a better place for the enjoyment of beer. Who would have thought that! I enjoy being involved with initiatives that help assure great beer for the future.”

Virtual GABF

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF), the big beer festival on the calendar is not going on as in the past. Instead of September 24-26 at the Big Blue Bear and in person in Denver, it will now be an “immersive online experience October 16-17.”

Though this sucks for the beer community and the breweries and bars in Denver that saw a big attendance boost, it was not a decision that comes as much of a surprise considering how 2020 is shaping up to be a year filled with bad news.

According to the Brewers Association, the virtual GABF is still in the planning stages but expect to see beer tastings, brewer interviews as well as food and beer pairing ideas possibly with a delivery of beer angle as well.

The good news is that the beer competition will take place in 2020. Will Pandemic beer be a style category?

I see this as a golden opportunity to try out crazy ideas and also how to incorporate more of the country into GABF since plane fare and time away is now off the table as an excuse not to go. And if all goes well with the re-openings, maybe smaller, mini GABFs can be held around the country. I vote for any wacky plan.

A Friend in Koreatown

Coming up on the 16th, the Koreatown Beer Belly will be hosting Our Mutual Friend, the Denver brewery, not Janice from accounting.

For this special Thursday edition of their One Night Stand (#ONS) the following will be pouring…
1. Times Arrow (IPA)
2. Inner Light (Mosaic Pale Ale)
3. Riot of Color (Mango Lime Berliner Weiss)
4. Wicket (Belgian Wit)
5. All Colorado (IPA)
6. Weirding Way (Brett Saison) bottle pour
7. Gratitude Four (Pink Guava Saison) bottle pour

GABF 17 Ticket Info

It is ticket time! This fest is a bit easier than say, the Firestone Walker Invitational, but you do have to be on the ball.

It is Great American Beer Festival time again! Tickets for the public go on sale via the ever so much fun Ticketmaster on August 2nd 10:00 AM MOUNTAIN TIME!

So be prepped and logged in and have a separate tab to immediately look for hotels in Denver cause that race is even harder sometimes.

Advance Warning – GABF16

Set your alarms for 10am on August 3rd, that is when tickets for the 35th Great American Beer Festival become available for purchase.

Just a little gathering in Denver and their Convention Center for more than 800 breweries and somewhere close to 3,800 beers. This year the fest runs from Thursday, October 6th to Saturday, October 8th.

This year the general session tickets are $80. They will go quickly.

The Great American Beer Festival 2015

I won’t be in Denver for the GABF tomorrow, live Tweeting or SnapChatting about the wave of beer that will descend upon the Blue Bear’s convention center but I will give you a re-cap of the awards and how California and (more specifically), Los Angeles fared.  And I may even live tweet some of the awards like Bernie Sanders with a Republican debate.  You can follow along with the Brewing Network if you are also not in Colorado.

If you are attending this year, make a point to go through the many, many guides out there to help plot your course. The only advice that I can give you is to try the local beer first and foremost. And stay hydrated.  And do take the tour of New Belgium if you haven’t before because it is amazing.

New Belgium at the Source but away from their Source

Most breweries grow and grow to meet demand and to meet at least a little economy of scale but once you get big, what then?

Go small again! At least that is the case with New Belgium which will open a 10-barrel pilot brewery this year.
Some explanation of the plan is in order:
The brewery will be in downtown Denver on the ground floor of the not-yet opened Source Hotel.

The Source Hotel is next door to the Source Culinary Market (where you can find Crooked Stave)

New Belgium will be making primarily small batch, barrel-aged sour offerings.

50 oak barrels will be pulled up or elevator-ed up to the top of the building to a new bar called,

Then, beers, cocktails and food will be paired together.


If you have some free time come September 24-26, maybe you should head to Denver for the 34th annual Great American Beer Festival?


You have five days to decide because tickets will be available for purchase to the general public online on July 29, 2015 at Ticketmaster.

(Make sure to get up at the right time, the tickets go on sale on Mountain Time)