A Podcast & A Beer – Betwixt the Sheets

Wanna get a bit kinky with history, well Betwixt the Sheets has the juicy (in more ways than one) news.

And there was a beer specific episode that would be a great entry to the podcast…

Your host Kate Lister is funny, asks good questions and finds good topics and corners of history such as a British cardinal who owned brothels or a history of vasectomies.

Since some of the topics are considered dirty or subversive when they should be normalized and not kept secret, I suggest drinking something so plain and unadorned that each episode becomes less scandalous. How about an amber lager, or a simple porter.

Or if you want to embrace the color of love and wear that scarlet letter, find yourself an aggressive red ale.

A Podcast & A Beer – History Hit

With news of finding Ernest Shackleton’s ship, The Endurance in the news, time to listen to a podcast from someone who was there when it was found, Dan Snow. The podcast is History Hit.

I have bemoaned the fact that history, as taught in school, is dreadful boring. Proceeding from one date to the next in a linear fashion briefly touching down on high points with an emphasis on remembering dates.

When it could be like History Hit. Thirty to forty minute mini deep dives into a corner of history. Mary Queen of Scots, the first inventor of motion pictures who mysteriously vanished or as has been recently covered extensively, the wreck of The Endurance in Antarctica.

Dan Snow has a pleasant English accent and steers the conversation very well so that you can quickly learn fascinating anecdotes.

Beers to pair with this could go in many different ways but I will suggest that you find the first beer that you had (or can remember having) from a local brewery and re-visiting that “historical” or past flagship beer.

A fun side excursion would be to hunt down a gruit and sip on that whilst listening.

In the TapLines for April 2022


One quarter of the year gone by in a flash.  Now it is time for spring-y beers or as they should be called in SoCal, early summer ales.

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