Food GPS Teaser – Pipe Dream Brewery

Pipe Dream is still fermenting but the brewery fronted by Brian Holter and Kingsley Toby are all about the “BREW•DRINK•DREAM”

So one day soon, we will be able to taste their flagship ale, Lazy Sunday or Green Dragon Imperial India Pale Ale or the Pipe Dream pale or the Tahoba Summer Ale.

And after trying the gamut of styles that they are creating on their pilot system, I can safely say that these are beers to be on the look out for.

The full story will be on FoodGPS tomorrow…

City Tavern + Beachwood Brewing =

City Tavern’s Beachwood Brewing & BBQ food & beer pairings – Friday, July 20th, 4:30pm-close

Here is the menu for tommorow night’s event:

Ahi and plum salad with Persian cucumber and lemon mustard vinaigrette ($13)
o Suggested pairing with Mandarin Dream
Potted Duck Confit with crisps ($9)
o Suggested pairing with Knucklehead Red
Light Sabers (Corn Dogs) with Hop Vader Pub Cheese ($10)
o Suggested pairing with Hop Vader Black IPA
System of a Stout Milkshakes with Udder Love backs ($9)
· Foam Top Popsicles ($3)

I would go just for the desserts. I have made my own popsicles but the award winning Foam Top is a great choice to make a frosty treat with. This is the 2nd to last Beachwood 1st year event so if you have been procrastinating despite the fact that I have warned you with many posts about it then get moving to City Tavern or Beer Belly on Sunday!

Prices per beverage vary, and more than 10 flavors from Beachwood will be available.

City Tavern + Cismontane + TAPS

Last Thursday, I had the great pleasure to partake of another great night of beer and food at City Tavern in Culver City. Great vibe and great location in Culver City.

Anyway, here is the menu from the night. Try to guess the theme….

To me, the best pairing of beer and food was course # 2. The spiciness of the pork and the hushpuppies worked really well with the amber maltiness of the steam beer. I mean California common. The Blacks Dawn with the salted Caramel ice cream played well together too but since I am not a big pecan pie fan, it comes in a notch lower.

TAPS and Cismontane give us the rationale behind the pairings. It is essential to have this before beer dinners. Victor from TAPS really explained the choices and even how to eat and drink. A little of each food on the fork to catch all of the flavors.

The TAPS witbier that paired with the first course of ambrosia and cream. And below are the buttermilk fried chicken and the dessert at the end of the night.

The portion size was good for both the beer and the food. But even so. I was stuffed by the end. And a little filled with salt. My only course correction would be to subtract either the pork or shrimp dish for a soup or a salad one to give the breweries a chance to choose a beer that would work with different food and also to lighten the meal.

If you haven’t been to a beer dinner, you certainly should and if you get the chance to try one at City Tavern. Hop on the opportunity.

Taps at the table

City Tavern in Culver City is going the tap within reach route.

They have three tables (that I am sure will be booked solid, so don’t wander in and get upset that you can’t get one) that have taps built in. You pay and off you go.

City Tavern are planning on local brews with a spectrum of choices on the three taps. Let’s hope that they keep that up. I would not want a Bud Light table for sure.

Check out this article in Urban Daddy as well for other information.