Comfort Level

The two collaborating breweries for this hazy DIPA need no introduction. But the reason for highlighting Get Comfortable 2021 is not the hops but rather, the fact that this is another charity beer. You get great beer and the world gets better.

I would like to see in L.A. 2019

from OregonFort George Brewing

I know I won’t get the 3-Way IPA’s or special releases but a little of the core line-up from Astoria would be great.

from New YorkFinback

A little got thrown to us in late 2017 and early 2018, so maybe we can get some more this year.

from ColoradoOdells

We get a lot of Colorado beer but if I saw Odells, I would buy my share.

from GeorgiaCreature Comforts

I have had a little of beers from this brewery but I would love to try a range and see how well they do different styles.

#7 includes 2 not just 1

Boulevard Brewing started their collaboration series with Hair of the Dog and recently combo’d with fellow Duvelian Firestone Walker. Now for the first time they are brewing with two brewers.

Collaboration 7 will hit the higher priced section of the beer shop shelves come August. It is a collaboration with the Georgia based Creature Comforts and Arizona Wilderness from well, Arizona.

Here is a list of what is inside each bottle: peach puree, lemon zest and riesling with Nelson Sauvin, Lemondrop and Hallertau Blanc hops. Sonoran White Wheat, Missouri wheat, honey malt and corn grits. Aged on new oak. Then topped off with champagne yeast.

Boulevard Collaboration 7 will be available in 12 ounce bottles and draft.