Cans through Time

I don’t normally post graphics.  Though there was a time that I would get them e-mailed to me at least once a week.  But this timeline of canned beer that I saw on CraftCans has some history behind it.  Actual history.  Worth checking out…

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 2.28.17 PM

Craft Cans

Craft is one of the most eye pleasing beer websites out there. The layout and design is really pops and they have chosen (or were chosen) by a growing and fun segment of the craft beer market.

Here is what they say about themselves…” is a site dedicated to news and reviews for the “Canned Beer Revolution”. Here you’ll find a database of all craft beers now available in cans, information about new canned beer releases, as well as unbiased reviews of canned craft beers.”

Craft Cans is one of my weekly beer information stops and I suggest you give it a look too.