Wheelin’ & Dealin’

Activity comes in bunches it seems. After a few quiet weeks, acquisitions came roaring back into the beer world.

Those who don’t believe in coincidence might think that the news was timed to hide under all the Make America Sick Again healthcare debate.

Lets recap:
1. Brooklyn Brewery enters into a sales “platform” with Funkwerks and 21st Amendment

2. Shorts Brewing sells 19.99% to Lagunitas

3. Coronado acquires fellow San Diegan, Monkey Paw Brewing.

4. An un-named SoCal brewery put itself up for sale

Call this a response to having the highest number of breweries in operation ever. For events 1 & 2, it also shows the creative ways that people are staying Brewers Association street legal while growing bigger.

Thanks to a soft Twitter ban and some judicious unfollowing of the Debbie Downers that seem to populate the Tweet-isphere, I haven’t seen much vitriol towards the these moves. Mostly because they avoid the Scarlet A of Anheuser-Busch. Which shows me that some people see what a stain that is on a company and are opting to avoid it.

But if I can get a supply, even limited of Short’s beers in L.A., it is a development that I welcome.

Los Angeles Beer Festival

A beautiful Southern California day to have beer…


…Culver City to be exact on the Sony Studios lot.

The Los Angeles Beer Fest!!

A very smoothly run event I must say. Free parking which is a plus on the west side. Check-in was smooth and kept separate from the entry line. A very nice selection of quality brews on hand.

On the down side, a sizable portion of the crowd was ex-frat party boys. Lagunitas only brought bottles no kegs and Bud and Michelob were on hand. But to be fair, no one seemed shy about trying something new and even Anheuser had Hoegarden Wit on tap so effort was being made.

On to what I had before I had to call it quits.

The Bruery – Saison de Lente

Excellent beer that seemed a little toned down from a bottled version that I had before. Light and refreshing though.

Left Coast Brewing – Hop Juice

Not the hop bomb I was hoping for so I would have to rank this as a middle of the road IPA

Alaskan Brewing – Summer Ale

Only so, so to me. I don’t know why but I much prefer their darker beers.

Pyramid – Rollick Amber

Very nice malty taste. One of the better Ambers that I have had and one of the best that I tasted.

Angel City Brewing – Che

Also very nice. Balanced. Not too malty and not to hoppy but with a bit of spice to it.

Dale Brothers – Black Beer

Sort of bland to me. Not bad but did not compete with the others.

Skyscraper Brewing – Sancha Lager

Excellent. In the top three. Light and refreshing lager. Would make a good session beer.

Dean Brothers – IPA

Unfortunately, did not taste right. Acidic and not hoppy.

Widmer – Drifter Pale Ale

I really like this beer. Spicy and fruity and great on a summer day.

Bootleggers Brewery – Hefeweizen

Plain. No banana or cloves. Below average to me.

The Bruery – Orchard White

You can’t go wrong with their beers. Complex but not overpowering. I wish they had brought more than two beers.

Coronado Brewing – Orange

Fair. Drifter from Widmer blows it away though.

If I had more tolerance I would have had more from the large selection that Angel City had brought and I would have tried Shipyard and Deschutes and Kona but my limit was reached.

Overall, I give the event an A.