Fun fact – the ABC show Shark Tank has had two pitches that involve beer in back to back episodes. If you are a fan of the show, you know the format. Entrepreneurs hoping to make it big pitch their idea to a panel of investors like Mark Cuban or Mr. Wonderful. (Aka Kevin O’Leary). The hope is to get their expertise to grow their brand. Getting on the show is sometimes enough for at least a short-term boost in sales.

First is the good ol’ boy named Muff Waders. A piece of apparel that makes you into a walking refrigerator. Complete with a bottle opener and a place to rest your beer. No takers on that idea.

The second idea was hammered into the ground. A can and bottle chiller that could hold three smaller format cans or bottles or one wine sized bottle. It didn’t even have a misogynistic name to its credit. Yup, three cans. I guess that 4th IPA from the pack stays home?

Beer has popped up on the show before and products tangential to it will show up again but for those coming up, make sure you have two things. A pure love and passion for beer AND a product that’s actually helpful.

Bus of Beer

I do not have allegiance to a car brand like some do. I have heard the FixOrRepairDaily jokes at Ford’s expense of course. I do like design though no matter where it comes from and the Volkswagen bus just looks cool, and it is less gas for the smaller model above that would make your party entrance all the better. Just because the cooler is cool doesn’t mean you get to skimp on beer though.

Recool and Reuse

The above is being branded as the Igloo Recool, an green cooler constructed from 100% biodegradable materials. They are $10 each and will be first on sale at REI stores (or online) before going full main stream.

According to Igloo, the “Recool is a hard-sided cooler made from a mix of paraffin wax and recycled tree pulp.” It can keep ice icy in the 12 hour range and has handles and cup holders as features.

Box or Cooler

It’s both!

Dogfish Head has a new Off-Center Your Summer Pack. It has water-resistant packaging that allows you to convert into a cooler simply by tossing ice in. The variety includes 60 Minute IPA, SeaQuench Ale, Lupu-Luau IPA and Namaste White. 3 of each.

I wonder what these are made from or coated with to keep them stable?

Collapsible Cooler

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 4.32.45 PM
With summer approaching and with craft cans being more plentiful, a way to cool-y transport your beer may be needed and Coleman Coolers may have the product for you.

Their 72 Can Collapsible Chest Cooler can hold Bell’s, Indie, Anchor and others and then when your camping or tailgating is done collapses flat when you’re ready to put it away. Plus it has a reach-in hatch to quickly grab a can plus side mesh pockets. The kicker is that it goes from 15 inches tall to 3 when fully collapsed in on itself.

No need to make any tough buying choices at the store.