TM Beans

The alcohol and coffee worlds are forever mixing. As I am typing this, I am drinking wine barrel-aged coffee. Modern Times has a whole product line. Now Trademark Brewing in Long Beach has beans. Four roasts are currently on offer.

10 HOUR – “Inspired by the beans in our gloriously-decadent 10 Hour Coffee-Chocolate Stout, this signature blend features notes of dark chocolate, cashew and blackberry.⁠”

ETHIOPIA MARU – “Single Origin featuring blueberry, grape and jasmine notes.⁠”

COLOMBIA TIMANÁ – “Single Origin with suggestions of honey, almond and grapefruit.⁠”

GUATEMALA CUBULCO – “Single Origin with flavors of milk chocolate, hazelnut and mandarin.”

Chapman Crafted – Coffee

Chapman Crafted is now more than just beer. On January 23rd at the more beer than coffee hour of 6:00pm, they will launch their cold brew, drip, and espresso that are made with their house blend roast, which they have named, Composition. Also on tap will be their First Roast Coffee Porter as well as other limited-release coffee beers.

No Bitterness

Science. Dumb people don’t trust it but it can do amazing things given enough money, intelligence and time. Obsession too.

A recent POST on NPR’s website discussed a new coffee product that is beanless and bitter-less. This is on the heels of explosive growth for meatless burgers that has left supplies low.

But, this is a beer blog, Sean. Yes, but the increase of alcohol-free beers is growing and probably will continue to do so. Hops have gone from pellets to cryo to who know what in the future so why not a fake engineered flavor that is close to hops? Especially if it can consistently provide a flavor that the brewer wants.

Beer is based on agricultural products but considering our stewardship of the planet so far, beer may need to science its way out of a possible problem.


It may be the summer celebration today and light beers are the order of this day but I want to talk about Black Butte XXXI.

Deschutes Brewery’s specialty anniversary reserve, is an annual tradition since the brewery’s 20th anniversary in 2008. The beer is an imperial barrel-aged double version of the brewery’s flagship, Black Butte Porter, that changes every year.

Deschutes brewers love to experiment with this beer and this year were inspired by Turkish coffee and added chocolate, cardamom and cold brewed coffee from Third Rock Roastery, a locally owned roastery by Deschutes Brewery co-owner Scott Hughes. BBXXXI is 80% barrel aged in oak bourbon barrels.”

Needed or Not? – Hardened Coffee

After my experiences with “hard” sodas, I have pretty much sworn off the whole Hard –Insert Beverage Here—trend.  I am sure that “hard” grape juice is just around the corner.  But no, next up is “hard” cold brew?

I give Angel City the benefit of the doubt and I am glad they didn’t just add a Sam Adams spiked seltzer to their line-up and instead went a new route.  That being said, if I have the choice a beer made with coffee or heading to a roaster and getting cold brew, well, those are the two choices that I am going to make.  Having an alcoholic coffee that isn’t a cocktail doesn’t even register on my list.

VerdictNOT needed.

Giddy on Up

New (but with an old styled label is the intriguing combo of coffee and lemon. I have had coffee versions of the famed Arnold Palmer tea/lemonade so this isn’t and out of leftfield idea and New Belgium does have history of coffee in beers working well so this will be one to look for.