Coconut – Wheat – Horchata

King Harbor Brewing has a new spin on a Horchata inspired beer, Coco-Chata starts life as a wheat beer.  Here is the explainer from the brewery, “This cerveza was inspired by horchata, that heavenly and sweet rice drink you have with your tacos. It’s loaded with toasted rice, raw and toasted coconut, Madagascar vanilla beans, cinnamon blend and lactose. Each sip gives you balanced notes of cinnamon, sweet vanilla, rice, and coconut on the back end.”

An IIPA Beastie

A big beer is coming our way soon from Ogopogo Brewing, “A little late for the season, but we decided to make a Triple IPA. Prolly around April 14th we will be releasing ‘Yacumama’ Hazy IIIPA 10.5% with Citra, Azacca, Amarillo, Chinook, Pineapple, and Coconut.”

Added Value

Trustworthy Brewing in Burbank has a 4th anniversary surprise for beer fans, Value of Time BBA Imperial Stout with Coconut. It is a big 12.6% ABV and according to the brewery “is our biggest barrel-aged stout yet. Aged for 12 months in Buffalo Trace barrels and blended with heaps of coconut. Smooth oak smokiness accompanied with caramel and coconut warmth go well with any evening plans.”

Elvis to Francis

Brewdog doesn’t seem to ever sit still long enough to pin them down. From beers to PR to design. Speaking of, they have done all three with this small batch beer. Talk about a cool can design. And a name. I have always wondered how some people think so strangely different from me. Most of the time that is good. Especially in this case.

Oh and the beer is a coconut-ish porter….”A porter of papal proportions, [with] aromas of cocoa powder, vanilla bean, coconut, and bitter chocolate, with hints of roasty black coffee and dark fruit, followed by a smooth, velvety mouthfeel and a rich, bittersweet finish.

Review – Deception from Black Market Brewing

OK.  This beer has both coconut and lime.  On top of the relatively weak base of a blonde ale.  Can Black Market pull this off?


Deception pours a murky orange color. I get more lime than coconut on the aroma and I get more tropical than coconut. The taste is very subdued. Coconut can be overpowering but it is barely hinted at here. I get just at the back before I take the next sip. The lime juice is more prominent but isn’t big on that citric note.

Overall, I found this beer to be too watery to me which I found disappointing. More lime zest and maybe some toasted coconut would improve it to me.

Pau Hana with Kona

Here are some photos from the release party of the new Kona Brewing beer, Koko brown named after (and seen in the label) a distinctive part of Hawaii.

You know you are in the right place when you see this van.

A new beer in the Aloha series

Hawaiian for relax


A beer I want to try, maybe you should too

I have heard some good things about this beer and I think this weekend I will have to give it a try.  One reason that I haven’t yet is that it is in cans.  I have this bias (slowly receding) against cans due to Pabst and Olympia.  The second is that I am not a big porter fan.  But some times you have to take a leap and try something new.