Usually anniversary beers are either A) and IPA or B) something Barrel-aged. Nothing wrong with either choice but I like it when summer anniversary beers acknowledge the SoCal heat and serve up a Pils. And that is what Claremont Craft Ales has done. So pre-order and take an AC drive out to Claremont when this beer is ready.

CCA 2/8/20 IPA’s

Claremont Craft Ales has been pretty aggressive with the IPA releases and come February 8th, there will be two more to look for…

photo from Claremont Craft Ales – Facebook

All you have to decide is West Coast or Hazy.

Review – Unity 2019

When I went to Sunset Beer to pick-up a 4-pack of the 2019 Unity, I saw an empty cooler where the beers should have been lined up. I turned to the helpful staff who pointed me where I needed to go in the store and off I went with my prize.

Truth be told, I was kinda hoping for something more strange this year. Maybe some fruit or herb that is local to the Claremont area where Claremont Craft Ales is located could have been added.

But the fact that the cans were in short supply must mean a level of popularity that the style still draws and economics does factor into the equation when selecting a beer style.

And yet, this beer, fine as it is, seemed like something down the middle. It is a bigger beer, north of 8% but other than that it was a DIPA. It lacked a certain spark in the aroma, flavor profile or bitterness. Park this beer amidst three or four other West Coast Old-School DIPA’s and I could not have picked it out or said, that it had an ingredient that screamed L.A.

I know that a Unity beer will evolve. It can’t always be strange beers and it does need to be of the moment. The moment now seems simple and businesslike

Unity 2019 Brew Day

Here are some photos and notes from Claremont Craft Ales on the LABW11 brew day….

Might Unity 2019 be an IPA? Yes with both regular and Cryo hops
Brian and Simon from Claremont Craft Ales
Dueling Guitars for LABW11
Hop additions from Frogtown, Long Beach Beer Lab and Pacific Plate