Red Card

I have been slowly piling up gifts for Christmas 2022 but if you are a last minute shopper or have people to shop for across the country, you might want to consider sending a brewery gift card.

MacLeods here in LA is the most recent casualty but I have read closure posts on other beer blogs as well.

Who knows what 2023 will hold but many breweries are still struggling with post-pandemic and then inflation and are still digging out and could use a little extra. So where you can, purchase spend some Xmas money on future beer.

A Beer & A Podcast- The Christmas Podcasts Podcast

I like me some Christmas and I really need it this year but I would never think to listen to a Christmas based podcast. But, if you want to get really meta and listen to a podcast about other podcasts and those podcasts are Christmas themed then the aptly named Christmas Podcasts Podcast will give you your fill of Santa.

Obviously two California Ur Holiday seasonals should be the choice here. Get an Anchor and a Sierra Nevada Christmas beer and find some cheer in a very bad year.