Brewseum Brewery # 3 – Moor’s Brewing Company

Our final stop is at Moor’s Brewing Company. The brewery was founded by Jamhal Johnson, Damon Patton and Anthony Bell. Starting as a contract brewer with big growth plans.

Let’s dig into some of the beers from this new brewery….

Session Ale – “Moor’s Session Ale packs a light but flavorful balance of green papaya and a hint of key lime with a smooth lemongrass finish.”

Helles Lager – “Our full bodied pale lager leads with a hint of honeydew melon, harmonizing with subtly spicy and bright German hop flavors for a refreshing finish that is soft, clean and crisp.”

IPA – “Moor’s IPA is crisp, providing a subtle grapefruit quality on the front, flavors of pretzel dough and rounds out smoothly with fresh honey malt notes.”

Imperial Porter – “Moor’s Imperial Porter is a rich, textured beer with a hoppy nose complimented by the scent of lavender and blueberry. The palate brings home the flavors of roasted chocolate and ground coffee.”

Brewseum Brewery # 2 – Black Horizon Brewing Company

The Chicago Brewseum is having their Beer Culture Summit this month so I thought we should visit some of the breweries connected with that education this month, the second stop is…

Black Horizon Brewing Company.

Let’s get some beers then…

Three Putt for Par Kolsch – “A hoppy Kolsch hopped and dry hopped with fresh Citra hops for a light citrus aroma with a great crisp, hoppy and easy drinking finish.”

Endless Brilliance Blonde Ale – “Aged on over 80lbs of toasted coconut, buckets of marshmallows, a huge drizzle of salted caramel and plenty of vanilla this is the perfect Fall/bonfire beer. Rich and sticky with plenty of balanced sweet notes from real adjuncts, this beer reminds us of Dutch stroopwafles or a s’mores without the chocolate.”

Peach Fist Fight Hazy IPA – “One of the taprooms most popular variations of our house hazy IPA is finally in cans for the first time! This 100% Citra hopped hazy IPA was aged on a massive amount of fresh peach puree that accents the delicate tropical and citrus fruit notes of the hops while bringing waves of stone fruit and peach with each sip.’

Frozen Dimension Cold IPA – “Cold IPA is best described as a strong California lager foundation with a beautiful West Coast IPA hopping and dry hopping. A delicate malt base of pilsner and flaked corn create a soft backbone in which tropical citrus, white grapefruit and sweet sappy bitterness blend for a super crisp and refreshing new school IPA twist.”

Brewseum Brewery # 1 – Funkytown Brewery

The Chicago Brewseum is having their Beer Culture Summit this month so I thought we should visit some of the breweries connected with that education this month, starting with….

Funkytown Brewery. Founded by Richard Bloomfield, Zachary Day and Gregory Williams who won a Brewbound Pitch Slam for their brewery plan.

Here are a list of their beers:

  • Summertime Chi Witbier
  • Gym Shoe Weather Belgian Pale Ale
  • Hip-Hops and R&Brew Pale Ale
  • It Is What It Is Smoke Beer
  • New Year, Who Dis? Oatmeal Stout

Hops in California

The Chicago Brewseum concluded their annual … a few days ago and one of the presentations was on hop growing in California, the Zoom via Facebook link is HERE.

Their Beer History Week is on my beer travel bucket list, maybe as soon as next year. Especially the Ales Through the Ages event.

In the meantime, please donate to their historical cause HERE.

Beer History Week

The Chicago Brewseum dropped the following press release recently…”We are pleased to announce that, in collaboration with our friends at Colonial Williamsburg, we will be hosting the first ever Beer History Week, November 4 – 14, 2021!
The week kicks off with our #BeerCultureSummit (November 4-7) and concludes with Colonial Williamsburg’s Ales Through the Ages (November 13-14). Peppered in between the two unique conferences will be an array of other beer history content from various partners across the globe.⁣⁣
Information about Ales Through the Ages is out now. Details about the Beer Culture Summit and other Beer History Week related events will be released this summer. Whether you join us in person or online, we hope to see you as we roll out the (beer history) barrels this November!⁣”

L.A. Beer Hub

My habit is to see what other beer cultures are planning and then transplanting that germ of an idea into an L.A. context and that is exactly what I thought of when I read about plans for the Chicago Brewseum, a project to bring a gastropub and beer history of Chicago together.
It would be excellent to have a true hub for Los Angeles brewers and since we are so young (in brewing terms) it could focus less on history and more on the future. A place that served L.A. beer only and was the meeting space for the Brewers Guild as well as for beer events for L.A. Beer Week and beyond. A brewery inside would be too much to ask but maybe it could be the home for home brewer meetings as well with a small brewing system inside. Perhaps it could house the offices for Beer Paper LA and have a library of resources for research for writers and bloggers. I have in my mind’s eye, something like the Annenberg Space for Photography but with beer. And near a Metro stop would be good.

A bit Pie in the Sky for sure. It would be hard enough to find a space to accommodate all of that and be central to such a far flung populace.