A Bit of a Turn

Firestone Walker can do a wide variety of beers but even with that skill, there are some flavors that I do not associate with them. Pils, sure. IPA for sure. Sours and Wild Ales for damn sure. Barrel-aged of course but chocolate cherry stout? No doubt they will pull it off but I like that they are doing something off their Central Coast path. And canning it too.

Halloween – Primordial

Now if this doesn’t scream fall holiday beer then nothing else will. Sour Red Ale fits right in with Halloween, the spices and cherry would nicely accent a Thanksgiving meal and that bourbon barrel aging would make for a snifter to lift while watching the snow (or watching the snow on TV like Angelenos have to).

Or you could ask for this as a Christmas gift. Give the blending gift of Cascade Sours.

Cherries and Almonds

I am all for cherry beers. When they are hitting on all cylinders you can get a lovely bright cherry pie note and a dose of tart. But what happens when you add darker malt and almonds?

The experimentation at New Belgium continues apace with this fruit & nut beer that will hopefully veer away from the marzipan notes that almonds sometimes bring.

Review – Fruitlands from Modern Times


On the label, Modern Times has three descriptors for their beer.  I would make the following change.  Cherry – Cherry – Tart.  Not quite sour and the Gose part is well buried under an avalanche of cherry.  You would think that I didn’t like the beer.  But I do.  This is a fun fruit beer for cherry lovers which I am one.

The beer is a serious pink/rose color.  The aroma is all about the fruit as is the taste. Let me get a little more detailed.  This is pie cherry.  The kind with that touch of spice to it.  Nutmeg and cinnamon to be more precise. As the beer warms, an almost pie crust taste can be detected at the back.  It may be denting an even bigger cherry taste but it is not hindering it much.

So, the question is, do you like cherries?  If the answer is yes, then buy it.


Scarenbecca Kriek

Hanssens Artisanaal’s Scarenbecca Kriek is another lambic on my list to try It is created with Belgian Schaerbeek cherries. Like many of the more interesting fruits and vegetables, this type is not grown much. Maybe there will be an heirloom revival. Because this beer uses every bit of the cherry. The fruit the pit and the stem.

And if you have been good enough this year, Santa might bring this to you but at $26.00 at Vendome in Toluca Lake, you will have needed to be VERY good.

Mikkeller dessert beer

How many times have you wished for a beer that had the same flavor profile as the Danish dessert risalamande?

OK, I’m just trying to hide the fact that I am again posting about Mikkeller and a new beer. It is getting old but no less fun

First, here is the risalamande….”Risalamande (or “ris a la mande”) is a delicious, traditional Danish rice dessert based on rice, cream, and almonds served with hot cherry sauce. Risalamande is typically enjoyed at Christmas time, but is recommended for dessert lovers all year through.”

Now here is the beer inspired by it…..

Apparently, all the pastry ingredients went into the beer. Is it good? Have you had it? I would love to hear reviews.

I would love a bottle of…

Open the door and let me in.
Manhattan Project from Brooklyn Brewery. I was scared but then shocked at how good the Cuvee de Cardoz was and now I want to try all of the weird beers that Mr. Oliver has cooking. This one is made with tart cherries and rye and is the beer equivalent of a Manhattan cocktail. Sounds good to me.