Premier Beer

English Football is moving from pre-season to regular season and, as opposed to American stadiums and arenas, the beer prices ain’t bad.

12. Manchester United – £5.10

= West Ham – £5

= Tottenham – £5

11. Brighton – £4.95

10. Leicester – £4.75

9. Aston Villa – £4.60

8. Chelsea – £4.40

7. Arsenal – £4.30

6. Crystal Palace – £4.20

5. Liverpool – £4

= Everton – £4

= Southampton – £4

= Fulham – £4

4. Nottingham Forest – £3.70

= Wolves – £3.70

3. Newcastle – £3.60

= Leeds United – £3.60

2. Brentford – £3.50

1. Manchester City – £3.40

Of course, there are more restrictions to when and where you can drink but a session beer is grand.

Another Season Ends with The Champions

I believe that most pundits and the sportsbooks would have pegged the sky blue of Manchester City to win the Champions League title in a year where the whole competition was called into question and the two finalists had backed out of leaving it earlier this year.

As if the Covid year wasn’t strange enough, right. Well, Chelsea of London won 1-0 on a Kai Havertz first half goal.

What does this have to do with beer? Well this was the first championship with fans in a while. Yeah, the Super Bowl had people but the outlook was much worse in February.

Now, beer and sports and tailgating are on the return with fans at NBA playoffs now too. That means the return of session beers. The return of beer in plastic cups. Spilling beer as you return to your seat. Paying $15 for 12ounces of beer. All stuff that I bitch about but really wish I could do. Be it in Porto, the Etihad or the home of Champions, Stamford Bridge.

With the end of the European season, now we can turn our attention to MLS and watching my Timbers play the Galaxy or LAFC.