On the heels of “OREgasmic” comes Creek. A dual meaning beer name in the Chatoe Rogue series that also includes Dirtoir Black Lager and Single Malt Ale.

“Creek” is a cherry beer (AKA Kriek). Montmercy cherries to be exact. The beer is dedicated to the creeks of Oregon and the really large creek, the Willamette that is on the eastern edge of the Rogue hopyard.

As with the other Chatoe beers, all ingredients are incredibly local and all Oregon. Including their own Revolution hop and Dare and Risk Malts.

New Rogue line

from Draft Magazine…

Chatoe Rogue, a new offshoot label of the brewery, has announced its flagship brew Wet Hop Ale as the first brew of a series set for release in 2010.

And you guessed it, wet hops are the star of this beer; a 200-barrel brew is made with 3,000 pounds of wet, First-Growth hops.

These hops are brewed the same day they leave the ground, and then they are blended, bottled, and kegged by Rogue brewmaster, John Maier. Each of Chatoe Rogue’s products, all First-Growth GYO Certified, will use hops from Rogue’s Micro Hop yard.

Wet Hop Ale is made with Independence and Revolution hops, but the label also promises a Pinot Envy Ale, a Dirtoir Ale, a Single Malt Ale, and an OREgasmic Ale that will assuredly have big shoes to fill.

Rogue is really amping things up. First they do the John-John line of beers and the Sesquicentennial beers and now this!