A Pasadena pilsner is coming in the form of the Flight of the Parrot, a beer from Cerveceria De Pueblo with the Pasadena Firefighters Union, Local 809. Proceeds from the sales of this beer will be donated to 809fight4awareness, which is “dedicated to helping first responders facing mental health challenges.”

Featured Review – Curuba from Cerveceria del Pueblo

On Tibet the fourth and final CdP beer to be reviewed this month, and it is a tart fruited Ale, Curuba. This beer pour some a hazy IPA orange color. Tartness is at a really nice level. Nice zing but the fruit notes which are mostly berry, do not get overwhelmed. Balance is there. Getting strawberry, almost Starburst notes. Pretty close but this slides into a second place finish to the Gaviota coffee beer.

Featured Review – Ambar Amber Ale from Cerveceria del Pueblo

How will the third CdP beer fare in the rankings? Let’s find out…

You just do not see amber ales out in the wild often, so I was anxious to try Ambar. Pours with a big fluffy head that disappears super quick to practically nothing. Nice golden orange color. I get a light toffee aroma from this one. First taste is sweet but the bubbles scrape some of that away to leave a pleasant malt flavor.

Ambar outpaces the pale but falls short to the coffee beer due to that sugar forward note.

Cerveceria del Pueblo – Reviews

A few days ago, I showed a some photos from inside the CPB and now time to taste test the beers….

Kolsch – this is a tricky beer because it can drift closer to other styles that are close to it. I prefer it to be more akin to a blonde ale than pilsner and this beer does that. Though I do get a bit too much hefe to it. Some mineral notes to but overall I quite like it.

California Common – clocking in at 4.9% this is quite flavorful for such a low alcohol beer. Lots of malt taste mixed with a touch of sweetness. This one tastes a touch green to me and finishes a little too heavy on the mineral side.

Pilsner – if blindfolded, I would not have said pilsner. Much like the Kolsch, I am getting that hefe yeast note here. The snap and bubble that I expect is not there either. It even pours a little to dark yellow for my liking.

Wheat – perhaps a little tilted in the sour direction. Lots of wheat character here. Nice and light. Watery citrus note as well. Has a fluffy mouthfeel as well.

I would return for the Kolsch first of the four. There is some room to grow d I hope to taste some of the beers that explore the heritage of the brewer because I think some extra ingredients would bump up the ratings of these beers.

Cerveceria del Pueblo – Photos

Pasadena was set to get a new brewery in May, but now Cerveceria del Pueblo is soft opening with to-go sales of their (4) core beers including a variety pack that allows new customers a taster tray of sorts.

I drove the much quieter streets over to their location on Bellevue to pickup some beers but also to take a safe peek into their little but brightly painted space.

The next post will cover capsule reviews of the Kolsch, California Common, Pilsner and Wheat beer but you should check out this L.A. Times piece that talks about the brewery as the opener and closer to the article.

Cerveceria del Pueblo

In looking up some information on the Los Angeles County Guild website, I came across an unfamiliar logo. The one you see above. Never heard of this brewery so I assumed that Cervecia del Pueblo was far away, but lo and behold it is in Pasadena. Dig further I will and report back when more information is found.