Review – Bruery & Offshoot

Thanks to beer buddy Richard, I got a nice mix of Bruery cans to sample. So let’s try three!

Ruekeller Helles – Pours a bright yellow color. Nice foamy head to it. Super crisp. So much grain notes here. Really good. Nice earthy hop aroma to this. Makes me want to have others in the German influenced Ruekeller series.

Wit the Funk – Wow this is tart and acidic. The spice is downplayed to feature the wheat as is the citrus. Would have enjoyed 12oz more. Stomach started to churn. But this is a really well made beer and the pairing possibilities are endless.

Unwind – This Offshoot Hoppy pils interesting. I get some tea like tannin notes, orange Tang and a little danky muskness. The bitterness really lingers on the palate. Missing is the pils part of the equation. This could be labeled hoppy lager or hoppy blonde to me. Thumbs up overall though.

Defense agains the Dark Beers- Wynkoop

In a bit of a departure for my intrepid dark beer correspondent, a sampler tray was tasted! I know it is heresy but to truly appreciate the dark beer side of life you must check the lighter side. Here is the report:
From right to left
Light Rail Ale – light citrusy going to a doughty dusty wheat – good gardening beer. Also functioned as a palate cleanser for the subsequent beers.
Tut’s Royal Gold – sweet malty finishing with a nice sour tastes more carbonated at the finish.
Wixa Weiss – not my fab. Too barnyardy.
Mile HIPA – seriously hoppy grapefruity super bitter finish.
Railyard Ale – pretty reddish orange. Nice floral notes with a mellow finish
B3K Schwartz Bier – smoky goodness with a smooth finish. Probably my fav of the night.
Monkey’s Fist IPA – not as hoppy as the mile high but bitter finish continues to build.”
“Ignore the glasses in the background. Still working right to left

My notes were getting fuzzy by this point.

St Charles ESB – totally coats the tongue and palate. Light grapefruit with a slight bitter finish that continues to build
Patty’s Chili Beer-most interesting beer of the night. Light but definite jalapeño flavor without the spicy heat
McKenzies Milk Stout – chocolate/ espresso. Really sweet a little smoky sweet finish. Would make a great float.”