Not my posts (hopefully), no this is another Surly beer added to their line-up of canned beer. I have yet to mark Minnesota off my list and cans are lighter than bottles. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge.
from the new Surly website“Pale in color, this over-hopped, under-brewed Double IPA has almost twice the amount of hops & malt crammed in the can.”

canned Fearless

Fearless is in Estacada, Oregon (near where I grew up) and it is one of the breweries that I truly want to visit. Their newsletter just made this announcement…
“Scottish Ale in Cans? Some of you have been around the pub when we were battling with the ten thousand little details involved with this. I’m sorry if I inflicted some of the frustration upon you! Yes, it’s true. The Federal government has approved our label and allowed us to go ahead with our plans to sell our Scottish Ale in 16oz cans. This newsletter group is the first to get the official information about this. The canning line is in place and we are working on getting the cans manufactured right now. Hopefully we will have the cans here and ready to fill in February. You will be the first to know all the details as they become available.”

Monk’s Blood

The canned beer movement is picking up more steam (probably because of my canned beer tasting event from last year) and here is another entry from 21st Amendment. Looks delicious! So much so that I added it to my Top 5 Desired beers. Where is that list, you might ask? Click on the About the Search Party tab. Then scroll past my pretty picture.

21st Amendment – New Stuff

From Draft Magazine…
“Exciting news about a new release coming from 21st Amendment this fall.

The brewery will launch its Signature Series line of limited releases with Monksblood, a “dark Belgian with a ton of West Coast hops that’s port-infused with an oak finish and vanilla notes.” The brew, which checks in at 8.5% ABV and will totally alter how you think of beer in cans, required a trip to Belgium to perfect.”