O’ Canada – Propeller Brewery

Our first north of the border brewery is from Halifax. Let me introduce Propeller Brewing.

Now let’s get down to the beers that interest me…..

“Our ESB is a rich, full-bodied English-style bitter, brewed with carefully selected malts and hops. This copper coloured, English styled ale is our best seller. Smooth, Full bodied and All Natural, like all our beers.”

Kristall Weizen
“Literally “crystal wheat.” A Kristall Weizen is a filtered pale Weissbier. It pours “crystal”-clear rather than yeast-hazey. Propeller Kristall Weizen is made with special Weizen yeast, German Noble hops and equal amounts of barley and wheat malts. Like its Hefeweizen counterpart, Kristall Weizen develops a richly-textured, firm, white head in the glass. Very light, spritzy-effervescent and refreshing on the palate, with creamy texture and gentle, lightly fruity character, it finishes with a touch of dryness. Propeller Kristall Weizen pairs well with summer heat and good times… Prost.”

What’s great about their site is the glassware and temperature recommendations as well as a “Prop’r Learning” section that educate people about not only their brewery but about beer in general.

Cheers: A History of Beer in Canada

Here is what the press release has to say…“The author of Notes on a Beermat: Drinking and Why It’s Necessary is back. Nick Pashley brings his wit to bear on beer’s illustrious history in Canada, from Prohibition (and who thought that was a good idea?) to the beer that turned Quebec City drinkers blue and actually killed sixteen of them in 1966. Where else this season will you find a book that includes Prince Charles, Paris Hilton, Ron Keefe, and Rocco Perri, the great Hamilton bootlegger of the 1920s (you may be able to find him today encased in cement at the bottom of Burlington Bay)?”

From that description, it looks to be a fun book. I have recently read two history books. Both great topics. One was as dry as day old toast. The other is bright and lively. I certainly hope this book is more of the latter. You can find this at Amazon. (And to digress, shouldn’t Amazon ship beer?)


Last month, I crossed Monk’s Blood off my list of beers that I MUST try. After hemming and hawing, I added Nebraska Brewing’s Chardonnay Blonde to the Top 5.

There will be no doubt about what to replace Jack D’or from Pretty Things Ale Project, if I am lucky enough to snag a bottle. It will be this….

A hoppy triple. Two great styles that go great together.

Tree Brewing

Now that the Winter Olympics are over, we can go back to BC for beer. Here is one place to head to. Tree Brewing in Kelowna.

And the Raspberry Porter sounds good. “650 ml single bottle
5.0% AlcoholThe Raspberry Porter, takes the smooth dark chocolate character of the Spy Porter and adds a Raspberry twist.”

Pretty Things


I do my best to scour the interwebs for new beer news to bring to you all. And I also try to get a good cross section of beer news even though I am in Southern California. I found this tidbit on True Cask
“One thing is for certain, Pretty Things is far from your average beer brand. They don’t own a brewery, nor do they contract brew their beers. Instead of the two standard situations they opt to rent a brewery and have the staff of that brewery ‘babysit’ the beer while they are not there. The result is a business model that is as creative as the brews they are selling. “

So I moseyed over to their website and it looks really cool especially St. Botolph’s Brown – This Yorkshire-inspired beer is a big malty brown ale fermented in open squares with Yorkshire malts and eclectic yeast strains. This is another of our year-round offerings.

Crannog Ales

For people who are near the Okanagan Valley in Canada (count yourself lucky)

“Crannóg Ales is Canada’s only Certified Organic farmhouse microbrewery, one of only a handful of such breweries in the world. We brew unfiltered, unpasteurized ales using only organic ingredients, some of which come right from our own farm. All our ales reflect the Irish tradition of brewing full-flavoured, complex ales which are also great session beers.”

This brewery is in the top three of beer sights to see.  I love their ethos and passion.  It is part of why I am drawn to beer.  Brewers and drinkers alike have a passion that is just great to be a part of, very infectious love of doing great things. Plus they have a beer called Back Hand of God.  I love that.