Pizza Port Special Can Release Schedule

Pizza Port has now been around for 30 years. And to celebrate, each of their Southern California brewpubs will be canning the Pub Release Series throughout 2017.

Nine beers are on the board and to help you plan your visits south from LA, here is the current schedule…
• March: Solana IPA (Solana Beach)
• May: The Jetty IPA (Ocean Beach)
• June: The Fish IPA (Bressi Ranch)
• July: Bottle Shop 10th Anniversary IPA (Carlsbad)
• August: TBD Beer
• September: Fest Bier Traditional German Lager (Bressi Ranch)
• October: TBD Carlsbad Village Beer (Carlsbad)
• November: Dusk Till Dawn Imperial Porter (San Clemente)
• December: Liquid Mistletoe Style TBD (Bressi Ranch)

Liquid Mistletoe sounds intriguing to me.