Hop-portunity Knocks

You can label me a west coast hop junkie if you want but even the most jaded bitter hater has to love this name….

This is part of a series of bottles from renowned can brewers, Caldera from Ashland, Oregon. They also have a Lawnmower beer out and a big dark malty beer is in the works along with an uber smoke beer.

(I love the 33 Beers) Get their tasting book! HERE

New Oregon Beers!

Cascade Brewing 5 Barrel Thread:
a one-only blend of five amazing beers: Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad, White Port Aged Raspberry, Barrel Aged Triple, Apricot and Sour Pie Kriek. The blend may sound a bit odd, but brewers Ron Gansberg and Curtis Bain say you’ll be surprised by the “lift and color found in the final result.”

Barley Brown Fresh Hop IPA Roadside: Employing country roadside hops from Baker City, Oregon, this beer is a kind one of kind. Brewer Shawn Kelso says “It’s pretty hoppy and at 7.25% ABV you may want to just call it an I.P.A. It was brewed with fresh hand picked unknown hops that grow wild on the side of a road here in Baker City. I put 36 pounds in a 3bbl batch. It’s pretty damn tasty!”

Caldera Rose Pedal Imperial Golden Ale: Made with 11 pounds of rose pedals and two liters of Bulgarian rose water, brewer Jim Mills says “this beers tastes like a party at Grandma’s house.” Baileys taproom exclusive.

Canned Beer tasting event

The fall edition of the Beer Search Party tasting event is now on the calendar!!
Sunday, September 20th at 3pm. I will be pouring 4-5 canned beers from brewers like Big Sky, Caldera, Maui and others. Only 10 slots available (Oops only 7 spots, I just checked the e-vite). Come discover some new beers or old favorites. And see what this can ruckus is all about.

can truck

Beers I had in Portland

Fort George – Vortex IPA – on a scale of 1-10, 6

Deschutes – Red Chair IPA – 6

Laurelwood – Hop Monkey – another 6

(Oregon IPA’s are getting less hoppy or my tastebuds expect more hops now)

Caldera – Pilsner – 7 1/2

Amnesia – Pale Ale – 5

Fort George – Spruce Ale – 6

Deschutes – Ocho Negro – 8

Deschutes – Armory XPA – 7