Update as of 3/16/20New game plan now that many places have been told to shut. Buy gift cards. Online, if possible, or purchase a 4-pack and add a card for those breweries that can sell to-go. Buy beer online. Tavour being an example. Join a brewery club. Or if your brewery does food and delivers, order that. Move your normal beer out spending to new places.

Fear and panic and toilet paper memes are at high levels. Sporting events, movie premieres and theme parks have suspended activity.

That inactivity means that money is not coming in and that can be very painful for small business, and let’s face it, most breweries are of this Mom and Pop variety.

So, what can the beer fan do? AND stay safe and diminish the spread of the virus?

If you are sick, stay home. Testing is probably not an option now so err on the side of caution. If you are not sick, keep washing your hands and make an effort to not touch as much door handles, drawers or anything that others will probably be touching. Obvious stuff really.

Then, go out and buy stuff from breweries. Gift cards are a great idea. As are 4-packs or other packaged items. If you have been meaning to buy a hat or t-shirt, do it now. It will be appreciated. And if you bought a ticket to an event or festival, don’t be an ass about it, demanding money back or explanations. Time spent massaging your entitled ego is time not spent sanitizing and keeping clean.

If you are reluctant to go to a tap room, find out when they open and arrive then to avoid any larger groups. If you plan on staying for a beer or two, give people space.

Lastly, enjoy the beer and talk about it on social media. We could all use less doom and more delight.