Buoy Beer Building

Scary images from Buoy Beer in Astoria, Oregon..

It makes me think about the sexy topic of infrastructure. I have been lucky enough to visit Buoy a couple of times and the combo of beer and river view is amazing but when the Columbia is surging it becomes scary.

And with a business that is capital intensive already, improvement checklist items for days, weeks and months can be pushed. This collapse is probably not due to that but it is a wake up call to make sure everything is, pun intended, ship shape.

2018 Holiday Beer # 19 – Strong Gale Ale from Buoy Beer

Having visited Buoy Beer this year makes me wish I could get my hands on their winter seasonal…

This 7.7% beer will warm you up when it gets cold, “Brewed with Caramel & Chocolate malts, this Winter Ale has a touch of sweetness and warm roasty aromas capable of weathering any storm. Swells of hop bitterness balance this robust ale with copious amounts of Simcoe, Comet, and Centennial hops.”