Latin for Brewster

Found another beer and history website for all of us that geek out on the longer arc of beer history. Written by Dr. Christina Wade, Braciatrix covers women in beer history and Wade is both a medieval scholar and BJCP judge so she has some serious bona fides.

Definitely start with her BeerHerstories list and then make sure to be on the look out for her book when that comes out.


Sunday, March 8th was the 2nd Annual International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. Which means that in a few weeks time there will some Pink Boots beers going on tap across the country. So keep your radar up so you don’t miss one being tapped in your neck of the woods because I personally believe that more brewsters is better. Variety is a cornerstone of craft beer and it isn’t just in styles and hops. It’s also in who designs the recipes, scrapes out the kettles and bottles the beer.


And this year there will be a bottled beer whose sales will benefit the PBS as well as Girls Inc. in Albany, New York. She’brew from the Shmaltz folks is a new Triple IPA that is a strong 12% and filled with Calypso, Citra and Amarillo hops


Some Sierra and Sun

The 4 Points Sheraton LAX – Home of Brewster’s has an event to kick off the summer season in L.A. (Granted, that summer season never really ends)

beer_appreciation_May_2013-003-FPT Sierra Nevada-hi

Every year the pool area bar is “re-opened” and/or christened with a special party.  And this year, “Steve Grossman will be here and we’ll have Blindfold (Black IPA) in addition to the list…maybe Ovila Brandy Barrel Aged Quad if everyone is good.”

Here is the Facebook event page for sending invitations and RSVPing.

Clown Shoes at LAX


This Friday, April 12 at 6:30 pm. Another Epic Tasting hosted by Larry James will take place at the Four Points Sheraton aka The Beer Hotel “including three of the best Hoppy Session Beers, a Mystery Beer (you be the judge!) and Clown Shoes Beer – seven wicked good beers from Ipswich, Mass.”
You will only need to RSVP and pay $30 which includes all tastes and parking!

Three of the best hoppy session beers you’ll ever taste.


a Mystery Beer – put your beer judge hat on. What is it and where did it come from?


Clown Shoes Brewing
– Clementine
– Tramp Stamp
– Brash Item 9
– Muffin Top
– Chocolate Sombrero
– Vampire Slayer
– Porcine Unidragon

If you haven’t tried the Four Points yet, this unique tasting would be an ideal introduction to their hospitality.

OktoberFest at 4 Points

Now that I am on the Beer Advisory Board for the 4 Points at LAX, you are going to hear about the monthly beer appreciation nights every month. And coming up in two days is Oktoberfest.

You can get more details HERE and let me know if you go and what you think could be improved upon or added or what you liked and would like to see more of. I would be there but I will be in Colorado at a certain small beer gathering.

FoodGPS Teaser – 4 Points Beer Advisory Board

Last month, I wrote about the Sourfest night at 4 Points LAX and postponed writing about the Advisory Board that I am a member of because of the L.A. Beer Week festivities.

Well tomorrow over on FoodGPS, you will get the scoop on the proceedings and what makes 4 Points unique and important for the craft beer eco-system here in Los Angeles.

But for now, here are some photos to tide you over….

Beer flights or bottles, delivered to your room!

Last year’s monthly beer appreciation nights.

Our host Phil Baxter who along with Justin Blake are merging hotels and craft beer together.

Appreciation for 4 Points (and beer)

Earlier this year, I applied to be a member of the 4 Points Beer Advisory Board and I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen. I will write more about the group and the Brewster’s bar inside the hotel later on FoodGPS (after L.A. Beer Week) but now I want to talk about the Sourfest that happened last Friday.

As you can see this was an impressive list of beer. Not extreme sours and some fruit first beers but a nice mix of breweries and flavors.

My pick for favorite of the night came from the Italian brewer Birra del Borgo.

Duchessic was herb spicy and only slightly tart but really shone as unique amongst the other beers. I also enjoyed the subtle and funky wild strawberry beer from Mikkeller. Very Belgian upfront and the strawberry came in late but was subtle and quite nice.

Either, surprisingly or not, two other Mikkeller beers ranked at the bottom for me. Monks Brew aged in wine barrels and It’s Alive also aged in wine barrels both were dominated by powerful aromas that put me off and made drinking a bit of a chore. The tastes were strong and harsh on the tongue.

But that is what is great about a tasting. You don’t have to buy a full bottle and later find out that you don’t like it. You can find hidden gems to buy later and expand your palate.

You have three more “appreciation” nights this year starting with an Octoberfest. So check their website and see if the list or theme strikes a chord and give it a whirl.

Beer by the pool

Tomorrow night is the opening of the summer season (which is pretty year round down here) at the Beer Hotel. Here is the skinny….

“Our Beer Appreciation Night for this month shifts to Saturday May 12 with our first ever daytime event. Starting at noon and going until 5 pm we will celebrate the seasonal opening of the Brewster’s Pool Bar. We will also be announcing our First Beer Hotel Advisory Board and our search for three California residents to join the Board.

We expect to have beers from the following brewers: Strand, Cismontane, El Segundo, Monkish, Golden Road, Taps, Bootleggers, Hanger 24, Eagle Rock, Smog City, and Bruery. Some of the breweries will have representatives on hand.

As you arrive you will purchase a wristband and 12 “wooden nickels” for $24. Be sure to bring your ID. Each “wooden nickel” is good for a three ounce taste. When you run out you can purchase more. We’ll also have the barbeque going with food for sale a la carte.”