Clean Up

The combo of Brewjeria, South Central Brewing and Norwalk Brew House are back at it with another charity beer…

“Our newest collaboration to benefit car wash workers has a label, is being brewed this week and will be out in January! Once again we have awesome artwork by @laloalcaraz1 with layout by @hopsandhues.

@brewjeriacompany, @norwalkbrewhouse & @south_central_brewing_company have teamed up with the CLEAN Carwash Worker Center – to improve upon the original wheat ale with pineapple and mango that supported street vendors.

Car wash workers in Los Angeles County have been hurt badly by COVID-19. To help alleviate some of the financial burdens, we have partnered together for this special collaborative project. 

A portion of proceeds of this special beer will support the car wash workers’ emergency fund, a cash assistance program that is providing workers with cash and/or grocery gift cards. The fund is being organized by car wash workers and the leadership of the CLEAN Carwash Worker Center.

Los Car-Washeros will be released January 2021 – available to-go in four packs (16oz cans) from our Pico Rivera location. As well as select retail stores.”

Street Vendors

I strongly suggest that you check in with the Brewjeria social media, because they are combining with some folks to assist street vendors with a beer named “Los Vendors”. Below is the info…

“Street vendors in Los Angeles have been hurt badly by COVID-19. Many can’t work and those who are trying to work, risk heavy fines and criminal penalties. Many have also been victims of senseless attacks. In an effort to help alleviate some of the financial burden, we have partnered together for a special collaborative beer project.

A portion of proceeds from this special beer will support the Street Vendor Emergency Fund, a cash assistance program that is providing $400 cash cards to undocumented street vendors who are struggling during the pandemic. The Fund is being organized by street vendors and the leadership of the LA Street Vendor Campaign.”

Help Needed

It is not hard to notice that this year has been hard. But imagine having to fight cancer in 2020. So please read the below message, and if you can, buy a beer or two from Brewjeria….

“This year has been tough not only as a pandemic grips the world and we fight to dismantle institutional racism, but this year has been tough on our family as well. Our sister, and part-owner, Evelyn Ruelas Bond is fighting breast cancer and currently going through chemo. While we continue to show her love and appreciation, we want to take it a step further. We are excited to announce that for the entire month of July we will be donating net proceeds of all sales to Evelyn’s GoFundMe campaign to help cover costs of cancer treatment. This means anything you purchase with us this month will help in her fight against breast cancer.”

1st Visit – Brewjeria

I wanted to get in one last brewery visit before Christmas so I jumped in the car and headed to Pico Rivera and Brewjeria.

You can find Brewjeria in two ways.  The main address is on Durfee off of Whittier Boulevard but there is a parking lot entrance to the grey cinder block space as well.  The rectangular space is split into one half for brewing and the other half for the seating.  The seating side is further broken up into three spaces.  Two seating areas and one main room for the well appointed bar as well as the cooler that holds the beer.  That cooler is a hold-over from the home brewing days of the founders and adds a cool touch to the back bar areas.

I like the font and wavy logo for the brewery too and the space is welcoming with an easy to read menu board.  As with many young breweries finding a footing as to what sells and what needs to be brewed more often is a learning curve.  At first Brewjeria had 11 taps of beers, when I visited there were 6 with 3 being IPA’s.  One West-Coast, one Hazy and one Belgian IPA, a style that I had not seen before.  They also had a blonde ale, California Common and a Belgian Tripel.

Here are my taster tray notes:

Hop off the 605 WC IPA – Malt comes through overall.  Hop bite is a bit strong and one note.  Pine.

Aurora Lights Belgian IPA – Mint note. Yeast driven. Same pine hops form the bitter background.  Bit of a burn on this.

Californio Common – Nice touch of sweetness breadiness.  Good crisp minerality.

Don’t Tripel – Same mint as the Belgo IPA, too sweet.  Some burn here to

Hazy Slater – Has that hazy image in the glass.  Could be a little softer and fruitier.