Without Law

Well, I must have been asleep at the switch. I totally missed the Indie Go Go campaign for Lawless Brewing Co. which will be taking over a movie equipment rental house in North Hollywood. The brewery will open, sometime in this eventful year and mark the first brewery in this part of Los Angeles.

In HiDef

It is hard to speculate about new breweries in the best of times but we all need to keep hope alive which is why you should follow HiDef Brewing which was and is in the process of opening. Maybe we all will be able to visit their Olive Avenue taproom this year.

Whittier x2

Poet Gardens, the home of the Whittier Brewing Co. won’t be the city’s only brewery for long as a 2nd brewery has gained approval from the Whittier Planning Commission.

The brewery is La Bodega, owned by Erik and Raul Tapia.  They plan to operate a brewery, as well as a retail store to sell beer and wine alongside a restaurant in a former optometrist’s office.

Abraham Mercado, a friend of the owners will be the brewmaster and the hope is for a 2020 opening.