Going Up

Whenever I see a graph with sliders (sliders disengaged on above), I just seem to move them back and forth.

In this instance, going granular with the data isn’t really needed. There is that nearly upright line moving upward starting from 2009-10. And that is the one to focus on.

At this point even a good sized downward spike will still keep us above the all-time historical number and if/when the downshift occurs, my gut is telling me that others will use that equipment to build up their current brewery or start a new one.

The question that is most burning for me is, “Can 6K be far reached?”

Growing Ratings


How is this for hard data? The Ratebeer website database now includes over 16,000 breweries with 2,600 added in 2013 alone.

They also have 300,000 users.  (Some of which obviously are inactive, others hyperactive) There are over 5.2 million user-submitted beer reviews. AND as of February 2014, reached its 250,000th beer in their list of beers. (again some inactive or seasonal).

How fast will it take to double that?

More craft beer on the horizon

One way to gauge the health of the craft beer industry is to check the stats on breweries in the planning stages. Here are some states to pique your interest…

Connecticut – 6
Alabama – 6
Iowa – 9
Tennessee – 11
New York – 26
Colorado – 29

I delved into the California numbers and came up with 23 in the planning stages. Berryessa and Aztec were two with names attached. And LA had it’s fair share.

I also perused my home state of Oregon, twelve breweries are in the planning stages. Among them Charlatan Brewing, Dexter Brewing, Dragon’s Gate, Noble Brewing, Occidental Brewing, Sasquatch Brewery, Workshop Brewpub.

Thanks to the Brewers Association for keeping up this massive list.