Unity 2019 Brew Day

Here are some photos and notes from Claremont Craft Ales on the LABW11 brew day….

Might Unity 2019 be an IPA? Yes with both regular and Cryo hops
Brian and Simon from Claremont Craft Ales
Dueling Guitars for LABW11
Hop additions from Frogtown, Long Beach Beer Lab and Pacific Plate

Backstage at Angel City – Part 1 – Grain

Recently, I was given the opportunity to follow a brew day from opening of the building until the liquid was sent to fermenter.

I shadowed brewer Layton Cutler of Angel City as he made the Angel City Wit.

Here is a “grainy” photo essay of the day.

Up one floor to add the grain to be milled.

The somewhat “unappetizing” first stage of brewing.

You need a stick and a squeegee to get the grain out.

Just under 10 garbage pails filled with spent grain from one batch of Wit bier.



Some really great news and photos from the soon-to-be opened, Eagle Rock Brewery.  Click HERE to see the photos from the 19 hour brew day.

I can’t wait to try their first beers!