Hear, Hear

Maybe some of my bellyaching (literal and figurative) has been heard.

From then next beer on (Bravo, by the way), the Firestone Walker Vintage Reserve barrel-aged beers will be packaged up in 12oz and not 22oz bottles.

That includes the later in the year Anniversary XX1. Considering that many finer beer shoppes allow singles sales, that means more people can taste the beer at a lower price point. Or cellar hoarders can buy more and have better tasting parties down the road. However you slice it, it is a much more manageable portion of a big beer that deserves a small snifter.

Back to Bravo though….

The Firestone folks describe Bravo which “has remained one of the driest beers in Firestone Walker’s Vintage Reserve series of barrel-aged beers, and since day one has been considered a vital component in the annual blending of the Anniversary Ale, balancing out some of the stickier components.”

Mikkeller single hops!

A few months back, I warned that more Mikkeller single hop ales were on the way. Now that I have just sampled the Mikkeller 10. From the initial 10 single hop beers it is about time for the next set to start.

Personally, the two that I am looking forward to the most are Citra and Sorachi Ace.
Bravo is my 3rd in line.
Followed by Apollo and Summit…

So now I need East Kent Goldings and these new five to complete the series.

What about you? Which of these five are you looking forward to?