Aged Devil

Now I do not need a fancy gift box to want to taste the Duvel Bourbon Barrel Aged version. In fact, extra glassware is more an impediment since their is a glass embargo at BSP HQ. I may have to buy and re-gift the glass.

Review – Firstone Walker Velvet Merkin

Very lucky.  That is what I am thinking as I slowly slip the re-incarnated Velvet Merkin (2013) that I received from Firestone Walker.


This is a near perfect beer.    It falls into the category of beers that you could smell all day long.  That you would bottle as cologne. A beautiful mixture of coconut and roast and bourbon and barrel melding together.

But you have to drink it, and it is velvety smooth.  So that each sip lingers. It is under 9% in alcohol so you don’t get a burn in the throat. The bourbon really comes out in the flavor and just envelops the tongue.  How Matt Brynildson does it, I do not know but this is simply a fantastic beer.