Arts District Brewing will turn 3 this year and to mark the Anniversary they will be releasing 4 new beers in bottles on Sunday, January 13th.

The Bottles: (the first two being the ones that intrigue me the most)
Umbra Avena – Whiskey Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout, 7.0% – Caramel and espresso brownie richness with sarsaparilla and burnt sugar notes. Aged in Redemption Rye Whiskey barrels.

Aurora Silentium –  Barrel Aged Belgian Quad, 9.9% – Dark, sweet, and lowly carbonated to create a vinous result, this unblended barrel shows notes of raisin, chocolate, leather and dark grape must with moderate acidity.

Aurora Caelum – Flemish-Style Red, 5.0% – Dried Rainier cherries were added to an amber base coolshipped on our roof. Significant sourness and funk, with bursting cherry intensity.

Aurora Rubicunda – Cherry Sour Saison, 5.2% – Cherry jam blends with phenols that disguise themselves as cinnamon and clove, creating a curious cherry pie dessert experience.

More than 1

On January 19th, Wishes will be granted as Smog City returns their Bourbon Barrel-Aged Infinite Wishes. The stout has “spent over a year resting in bourbon barrels collecting intense aromas of vanilla, sweet bourbon, cocoa, cinnamon, and cooked sugar.” My suggestion: I would try a taster (take notes on how it smells and tastes) and then buy a bottle to try later this year.

As a bonus, Smog City will be releasing some special variants too.

Sadie 2018

Beachwood’s 2018 version of their Dark Ale Sadie has the usual Barrel Aged pedigree but this year brings vanilla as well.

The November 1st release will see the use of vanilla beans and will be available at all three Beachwood locations (Seal Beach, Long Beach, and Huntington Beach) for $9.99 for a 12oz bottle.

How Heavy?

What makes a Friday better? A new beer bottle release and pizza. On September 28th, Yorkshire Square in Torrance will release How Heavy This Mash, English Barleywine. And invite Enduro Pizza over too.

And there will be a special oaked version of the beer on cask that night as well.

Droppin’ Bottles in Torrance

On May 6th, Smog City brewing will be releasing not just 1. Not just 2 but 3 bottles in Torrance.

Beta Blend – 8.1% ABV – Our white wine barrel-aged sour blonde, first released at last year’s anniversary party on draft only- it’s finally ready for its first bottle release after a year of innovation and experimentation.

Ch’nooks and Crannies – 4.1% ABV – This beer was previously release as an extremely small batch, those lucky enough to snag a bottle got to enjoy the unique combination of cranberries and chinook hops in this delicious dry hopped sour blonde with cranberries.

Bourbon O.E. – 13.1% ABV – Our bourbon barrel-aged barleywine debuts its new label.

The sale starts at 12pm at the brewery taproom. There will be separate lines for bottles and for tap pours.

Sour Fruit-ure

If you missed the bottle release for Infinite Wishes the barrel-aged stout from Smog City or if you are more a fan of the sour then today is your lucky day because Cuddlebug, Snugglebug, and Ch’nooks & Crannies Release Party tickets start today at Noon. With pre-sales pick up begin on the day before Valentine’s.
Here are your choices:
Cuddlebug – Sour Blonde with Peach and Apricot.
Snugglebug – Sour Blonde with Raspberry and Boysenberry.
Ch’nooks & Crannies – Sour Blonde with Cranberries, dry hopped with Chinook.

Visit the BPT link for details!
Brown Paper Tickets Link: HERE

Let’s Cuddle

Personally, a Cuddlebug sounds more dangerous than a Sabre Toothed Squirrel.
But a sour blonde with both peaches and apricots sounds too delicious to pass up. And at $12 a bottle, it is on the easier to purchase side than others on the market.

If you are a stonefruit fan then head to Smog City tomorrow and pick up a bottle or two. And if they have any other sours on, give them a try too.


Where are you going to be on Saturday, January 17th at noon?

Smog City of course!  You can get your 2nd vintage of The Nothing so you can taste test the 2014 to the 2015 and then you will want to compare them both to Infinite Wishes (2014 The Nothing which spent 364 days in bourbon barrels).

You will be kicking yourself if you don’t at least taste these two chocolatey stouts.  But you should really plan on buying some bottles.


Do Not Rage Against the Mocha Machine


July 29th marks yet another release from the seemingly unstoppable Beachwood Brewing and the release the award winning Mocha Machine Imperial Coffee Chocolate Porter.

The 9.2% ABV brew is described as thusly, the “porter—which took home the 2014 World Beer Cup Bronze Medal in the Coffee Beer category—is brewed with an array of British and German malts and infused with masterfully roasted coffee from Costa Mesa California’s Portola Coffee Lab. Then aged in cacao nibs from Ecuador, this burly brew finishes with a dimension of fudge awesomeness.”

Plus the label is pretty cool. And you won’t see many, so grab if you can.