As if Bottle Logic Brewing wasn’t popular enough, now they are sending out R&D cans that will set the avid beer geeks into overdrive. Below I saw the info:

“Chris, Ben, and Sam, who make up our Special Projects Division over on the 7BBL Pilot System, have been cranking out strange and wonderful new fresh beer experiments. We’ve built out this new label template to get our favorites packaged and into your hands for off-premise exploration!”

The first two releases (probably already gone) give an idea of what to expect down the line…

• #AssonanceAndConsonance: Imperial Sweet Stout • 10% ABV • Cinnamon Coffee Cake-inspired Sweet Stout brewed with lactose and finished with ONYX Coffee Lab beans and cinnamon.

• #ItsNotDelivery: Pale Ale • 5% ABV • It’s a beer! This pizza-inspired pale ale was built on a combination of malt selected to mimic the flavors of pizza crust, then brewed with tomatoes, fennel seed, basil, and oregano!


I am not sure what an Anaheim Hazy is but I really do dig the design on these new DIPA cans from Bottle Logic. I think there will be plenty of people sitting at home spending time with 3-D glasses on while enjoying the beer inside the can.

Featured Review – The San Francitra Treat IPA

What better way to kick off a month of Orange County featured beer reviews than with a triple collaboration. Artifex, Bottle Logic and Unsung Brewing have concocted a hoppy treat.

I picked up my can at Vendome in Toluca Lake introgued by the blue can and the fact that rice was used. Learning later that, African Queen, Azacca, and Citra hops were probably playing a more prominent role. The DIPA had a great aroma pour out with the opening of the can. Very fruit forward. Tropical to be more exact. It veered more to IPA than DIPA to me and though honey was also added, I did not pick up on it. I would certainly pick up a second can if seen on store shelves.

A Book & A Beer – Draft # 4

This was going to be the book that I reviewed for March. But then some past events came to light.

So, I went to the next in line book, Draft # 4 by John McPhee.

This book is basically a writing class from an actual professor and actual working writer who published in The New Yorker amongst other gigs.

You get some behind the typewriter scenes about gathering material and how to structure a story but even more fascinating to me were the anecdotes about the fact checkers and the need to have writers green 1 a story, by which McPhee explains, is reducing the story by one line. And you can’t do that by just removing the last sentence.

The section on how he refused to use a regular “Word” program and instead kept a dying specific to just him software program afloat came across as a bit pompous especially when it is of little use to pretty much any aspiring writer.

That being said, it is always interesting to see how a writer builds a story and the pluck and luck needed.

To drink, I would start with a can from Evil Twin, I Plan On Writing An Epic Poem About This Gorgeous IPA. I know that McPhee is primarily non-fiction but that Name would make a writer smile and there are no hop puns.

If you are in Denver, you could just hit up Fiction Brewing and read the book there. Or for us Angeleno’s you could look for Stronger than Fiction from Bottle Logic in Orange County.

New Hops in Orange County

The 7th edition of the OC BrewHaHa will feature an IPA, “Stable Orbit,” a collaboration between AleSmith Brewing of San Diego and Bottle Logic Brewery of Anaheim.

I prefer to not go hoppy for festbeers but if you do, have some different take on it and thankfully the duo do. Their new DIPA features only hops from South Africa. Southern Passion, Afrucan Queen, Southern Star and the experimental XJA2. Citrus, spice and pine dominate but melon and berries add to the flavor mix as well.

Very few cans might make it to so your best bet will be to head to Orange County. Get the details HERE.