I have had beer floats. Beer ice cream. Milkshake IPA’s but never have I seen the following combination…

HINT – look in the bottom right corner

Pour the beer over a popsicle? Obviously it is far more fun than a beer slushie monstrosity and I give all kudos to Bottle Logic Brewing for upping the beer and dessert paring stakes. But now I gotta find the right popsicle flavor.

From the Rickhouse

If you want to learn about barrel-aged beer then the next Beachwood Beer Side Talks event is for you.

Here are the details:

“On May 12th we’re continuing our educational speaking event series with “Tales from the Rickhouse: Barrel-Aged Beers” featuring speakers Julian Shrago, Brewmaster and Co-Owner at Beachwood and Lindsay Langton, Creative Director (Lead Design of Barrel Blends program) at Bottle Logic with Brewmaster and Co-Founder Wes Parker.

$15 Ticket includes a flight of 3 specialty barrel-aged beers hosted at Beachwood Downtown Long Beach.”

Logical Birds

I don’t normally post about popular or whale beers but I do post quite frequently about collaborations so, here we go…

Bottle Logic and Green Cheek have joined Orange County forces for a sour meets rum experience.

“We aged Birds of Paradise in Barbadian rum barrels before steeping the liquid on a vibrant blend of dried orange and grapefruit peels to mimic the citrus-driven bitterness of the cocktail’s Aperol component. A tempering tropical sweetness of fresh pineapple alights on the palate with a peck of fresh lime juice, all culminating in an integrated-but-obvious 14% exhale.”

Magnet or Tail

Bottle Logic of Orange County has teamed with Common Space of L.A. County for an Imperial Lager. One with a southern twist. Using southern hemisphere grown hops and malts from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. This is an unexpected style for both but welcome in my opinion as we cannot have enough lagers out there in the world.

A Book & A Beer – Dark Matter by Black Crouch

There are books that you read and when the end is reached, your first utterance is, “Well, I can see that being made into a movie.”

Such is the case with Dark Matter and in this case, that is not a disparaging remark. The author, Blake Crouch, has TV in his writing background, Wayward Pines so when the hero (more on that later) starts jumping from parallel earth to parallel earth, you can see the special effects in your minds eye.

The tale starts with one Jason Dessen a professor at a small Chicago college who us abducted and shot up with chemicals and deposited not in his world and has to find his way back.

If you are a time travel nitpicker, then this is probably not for you. The villain of the piece, well I can’t spoil that reveal since it doesn’t come until a bit later in the book is a bit problematic until later in the book.

But if you bought Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, you might shell out movie tickets to see him portray this Jason. It’s right up his alley.

Beer Wise – The label design and names from Bottle Logic in Anaheim fit this book to a T. Get a Recursion IPA or an Ocularity DIPA and become bitter with the villain. Better yet, pick up their GABF winning Lagerithm Black lager.

Since the book is set in Chicago, you can search out some Half Acre beer and enjoy a Pony Pilsner while going through the pages.

Or if you want to keep a science theme going. Get a growler from L.A. Aleworks from their SpaceX line of hoppy beers.

Timeless Pints and some Bottle Logic

All you you need is the 91 freeway and some side streets to hit two new breweries. One Orange and another across the line in LA county.


First up was the one week removed from their opening party Bottle Logic. Two left turns off the freeway and you are at their medium sized but well appointed tasting room. I especially liked the Hard Case/Phillip Marlowe style posters with beer names instead of novels.  And their small growlers looked stylish too.


The lazy Susan without a wheel tasting tray was nice and a change of pace from the usual wood versions. But more importantly all of the beers were uniformly solid and very tasty. It was one of the rare tasters where it really more depended on your mood as to what you favorite was.  You could make a case for any of them but I really liked the Double IPA.  Very fruity, nice hit of bitterness and good and strong.  The special not listed in the photo above was a Leche Mole that was spicy but not overpowering.  I would choose the milk stout over it but for a spice beer it was more balanced than most.


Next stop was Timeless Pints in Lakewood.  This will sound strange but they have seriously nice bathrooms.  As a craft beer drinker, that is almost more important.  Usually you find utilitarian accommodations.  The tasting room can’t be seen from the street but has a nice long bar and plenty of seating.  Again I went with a taster tray.  They have quite a few beers on tap so I went with the hop oriented selections.  The Red IPA and Black IPA were fine.  The red was a little on the thin side for me and the Black relied heavily on smoke but both came as advertised.  The Huckleberry IPA which is a blend of their Oatmeal Stout and their IPA was way wicked sweet for me.  Too much berry and not enough hop bite to it.  The best of the hop bunch was the plain straight up IPA which had a nice dank and pepper combo to it.

I also tried the Winter Festivale beer with pecans and cranberries which suffered from the same affliction of the Huckleberry IPA.  One predominant note.  This time it was pecans.  The balance was way off.  It was a good flavor but it needed to be part of an ensemble and not the lead.  But even that was better than the Belgian Dubbel which was a sticky caramel mess.  I could not even finish half of the two ounce sampler.


And even though Timeless is the elder of the two, they have some ground to cover to catch up because Bottle Logic has really started strong out of the gate and I really look forward to trying their beer at Firkfest in March.