British Cider in Focus

CAMRA wants to educate us on British Cider through the years. Their books division is Kickstarter-ing a “book that will look at how cider has formed an integral part of the UK’s landscape, with a heritage dating back at least 2,000 years. Today, cider faces a new change in the drinking landscape of Britain — the rise of craft and modern, discerning drinkers with different needs, habits and spending opportunities.”  

Those choosing to crowdfund Cider “the book for £15 to demonstrate interest in the subject, which will also give them the opportunity to take part in a personal online tasting, and get limited edition T-shirts and signed editions of the new title.”

Lastly, CAMRA adds, “This is a unique opportunity for CAMRA books to gauge interest prior to a book’s publication, which can, in turn, allow us to offer a far wider selection of books in the future and potentially increase our publishing portfolio.”

Garage Art

One of the reliably long lined station at FWIBF is that of Garage Project and one reason is their creativity. That will be showcased in a new book coming mid-year called The Art of Beer. According to the brewery it has “Over 100 beers and their art are collected in this book. Here are original sketches and finished art for the beers you love to love, from Pils’n’Thrills to Aro Noir to BEER beer, with insights into the creative process and talented people who made them – and the stories and inspiration behind the brewery and the beers…”

Could be a great Christmas present for the beer fan on your list.

Beer Label, Book, Both?

A like the meta nature of the label from Evil Twin for the companion beer to the book Beer & Food which are also companions since many people now know that beer is much more versatile with food than other beverages.

And the beer itself sounds intriguing as well. Maybe a future, A Book & A Beer post.

Bitter – the Book

I am a fan of books about beer, spirits and wine. But I also am intrigued by the science behind those three beverages too. Which is why I read with great interest on the NPR blog, The Salt about a new book that delves into the topic of bitter, the flavor. Check out the full post HERE. If I can get my hands on this book, I will review it here.

Hieronymous Hop book

We return to the beer bookshelf for a lesson on hops. I put this book on my Christmas list due to this one little tidbit:
“Stan Hieronymus expertly explains the nature of hops, their origins, hop quality and utilization–and even devotes an entire chapter to dry hopping. For the Love of Hops also includes a reference catalog of more than 100 varieties and their characteristics.”
This will certainly help me when I am puzzling through the hops in an IPA.

Beervana (the book)

There are certain beer bloggers who I follow more than others either due to topics covered, geographic location or humor.

One person who covers all those bases is based in my former burg, Portland. Jeff Alworth’s Beervana blog has been going strong since 2006 and he has posted about places or beers that I have then HAD to visit or WILL visit soon.

So what did I see the last time I visited? Well, he’s compiled a book. With blog posts and additional material that you can physically read.

Follow the LINK to purchase a copy today.