a new(er) BoHo

BoHo is one of the beer places that are integral to a craft beer eco-system. They provide a solid list of overlooked beers that go well with food (which they do well, by the way).

So when I saw what looked like a move in the works, I worried at first that they would be going away or morphing into a more mainstream establishment.

Thankfully, they have kept the decor, menu and great beer list with recent taps being Anchor Summer, Cismontane Citizen and Oskar Blues G’Knight to a new location in the Hollywood & Highland complex.

So now tourists will be able to grab an authentic American craft brew while visiting us and if you are in Los Angeles, you should give it a try. Chris Sobolewski does an excellent job with 24 taps and is growing a bottle collection that will augment the kegs nicely.

100th Beer Post!!

Thanks to the advice of Tomm Carroll, I checked out BoHo in Hollywood. Open since March of this year, it is a odd spot. Great big picture window but on the inside it is eclectic old boy’s club / library. Very interesting and very busy.

I had two vastly different beers. First off was Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA. Very interesting. This is a strange observation to make but it tasted thick but not in a stout or porter way. Not something that you drink fast. For an IPA, not a hoppy aroma or taste but you can really tell you are drinking a big beer. I will have to taste the 60 minute to compare.

Secondly was the Rogue Chocolate stout. Oh was this good. Great Aroma of chocolate and malt. I could spend hours just taking in this great smell. And it was so easy to drink. This is a really good beer. Great with dessert.