Santa’s Pint Glass – Day 28

Nearing the end. Hard to pick at this point but I lean again, like yesterday to spices associated with the season, something nice from Ommegang.

“Lightly dusted with spices of the season, Everything Nice is a warming, wintry Belgian-style blonde ale. This supremely cozy confection pairs perfectly with any traditional holiday treat. Note the flavors of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and white pepper as you sip next to the fireplace. We hope this fresh-baked offering brings warmth and light to you and yours.”

Featured Review – Partake Brewing Blonde

We start the Partake Brewing roll call with their Blonde. Before I start though, you should read the interview posted earlier with Ted Fleming from Partake to get some backstory.

The Blonde Ale pours a dark orange color. Smells and tastes of wort. Very bitter but not fun hop bitterness. Just has an unfinished beer taste to it.  Quite watery in the mouthfeel. It does not come close to a typical blonde ale. The malt isn’t there and neither is the silky smoothness of the style. 

Right Now

When I spoke with Rob Tod last month, I made a point to ask about what other cans would be coming from Allagash. Somehow, Nowaday did not come up. But apparently a Blonde ale will follow River Trip and White Ale into 16oz cans. Looks like the trend is for lighter beers for now.

Strand at Arclight

Good to see that Arclight is dipping their toe into craft beer to go with their movie experience….

…and even better to see that Strand Brewing is involved. I can imagine a range of beers with movie names like Blockbuster Bock or Above-the-Line Alt but those might be too niche-y of beers for a night watching Avengers avenge whatever needs avenging.

Baltimore Blonde

Looks like the Americanized Guinness is starting on the easy drinking side for their first big Maryland brewery release…

I do like the Maryland state flag in the background and I hope this blonde is a good choice for summer.

Review – BFD from Sierra Nevada

There are more of the “stovepipe” cans out on shelves and one that I have recently tasted is from the venerable Sierra Nevada, BFD. Is it a big deal?

Pours a light yellow and oh so clear. Straightforward and simple. Lightly dusted with bitterness. Aroma is very muted. I am reaching when I say a sweet bready note. Very lip smacking. Light pineapple note to it. Kings Hawaiian roll? If you are watching an NFL Draft or the Freakin’ Pelicans, this is a beer you can enjoy without worry about having had too many.

A Hint to the Ending?

When Game of Thrones isn’t on, I tend to pass on the related beers from Ommegang. I am certainly not going to drink them while watching Westworld.

But the beer name might suggest to those looking for any clues that a woman would ascend the Iron Throne.

Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, “the second of four special beers in this year’s Game of Thrones-inspired Royal Reserve Collection. Inspired by Cersei Lannister, this exceptional blend of Belgian sour ale and Belgian-style blonde ale.”

Now I need to get bottle 1 and 2 and cellar them until the show returns.