Less than Two Hearts

I should have guessed that when Two Hearted got a brand extension to Double Two Hearted that a slim version was probably on the way too. Great name for it though the fish head is still prominent. Looks like Bells is now gonna make people look at not only the freshness date but the carbs and calories too.

Hopslam has Hit

Cans of Hopslam from Bell’s have hit Los Angeles. Whale Hunters have donned their gear to buy what they can. And at least it has muted the Pliny fever for a bit which is a relief to me.
Just make sure that you drink what you buy quickly

I tasted the 2016 vintage at The Glendale Tap and found the sought after IPA to be fine but I kept searching for the piece of magic that has made it so talked about in the realm of magical IPA’s that has it ranked with Heady Topper and Pliny the Younger.

Maybe it is the fact that Hopslam has a definite honey sweetness and a heavier malt base to it that weighed the beer down to me. After the draught version, I opened a can and found it to be more honeyed but it tasted better to me. It was more sprightly and the hops came through a touch more.

HT and PtY though big beers have a lightness to them that I prefer in my IPA’s and though I find the hype surrounding them deafening at times, I can see how they have earned it. Hopslam doesn’t quite reach that crescendo for me.

Then again, I seem to be inoculated from hype.

Featured Review – Winter White from Bell’s

Our final review of the year is another winter offering from Bell’s Brewing. It is the canned version of their Winter White Ale.
WW pours a hazy muddled light orange color with little brown yeasty bits down in the bottom of the glass. The coriander really pops in the aroma almost to the point of being as strong as cinnamon. That spice carries through to the flavor where it is augmented by an orange juice note. This wit beer finishes very dry. Pretty much a by the guidelines wit. And that is a good thing.

Featured Review – 30th Anniversary from Bell’s

In addition to reviewing a pair of San Diego beers that were new to me, I have two Bell’s beers to review. And this one is special…
This one pours really thick. Almost an oil like sheen to it after the dark brown head fades down to nothing.  The aroma is chocolate covered black licorice.  There is a bit of heat to this at that back that lingers but it can barely contain the anise notes. If you liked the Italian licorice notes in Expedition Stout then this one doubles up on that fun. There is also a touch of coffee ground bitterness snuck into the mix as well as a boozy rum barrel sweetness.   This anniversary ale comes in a 12oz bottle which makes for sharing because this falls into the category of sampler size is best.  Get two friends and share one bottle.