Best Beers of June 2023

This will be sort of a mini-re-hash of the Firestone Walker Invitational at the start of the month. When you have that many good breweries together, you are going to run across something stellar. But I will highlight one other beer from the rest of the month.

For me, what stood out was the Leeds based brewery Northern Monk. Their Very Stable Genius hoppy lager from their Patrons Archive was just bright and tasty which is saying something because the festival is home to a ton of fantastic pilsners and lagers.

Second was the Wild Pirate tiki-esque sour from the BarrelWorks program at Firestone Walker. It had a nice balance of vanilla sweet and fruit sour to be a hybrid of both.

Lastly, no homer-ism but I really took to the Artifex Beer Paper Pale Ale. Yes, I contribute the odd piece to the beer periodical but the beer itself was flavorful and 3-D.

Back in Print

Beer Paper LA has made a triumphant print return and I have a beer book review tucked inside…

Read up without adding more glare to your eyes! Lots of other good reads so grab a copy!

Beer Paper LA and David Walker

I admit it. I am an unabashed fan boy of Firestone Walker. I have the latest Luponic Distortion in my ‘fridge right now. So yeah, I will be tuning in to hear David Walker chat. As substitutes for an anniversary party goes, this is a good one.

DuClaw and Who Else?

I wrote a piece for the January edition of Beer Paper LA about a distribution company called Guest Brewer that brings in beers from breweries for short bursts of product and time and it got me to thinking about what other breweries that I think this would work well for and also selfishly, the ones that I want to try.

So far parts of California have seen Surly from Minnesota, Ska from Colorado, Goodlife from Oregon, and DuClaw from Maryland. Captain Lawrence from New York, and Evil Genius from Pennsylvania will also make brief apperances. I haven’t seen any of these yet but they all would be welcome in my ‘fridge.

I would love to see a few Oregon breweries head our way like Upright and their Saisons and wild beers. Cloudburst from Seattle is on my list. Bierstadt Lagerhaus from Colorado and more Fonta Flora from the East Coast would be lovely too.

Either way, operations like Guest Brewer are filling a need that was really only available to traders up until now.