Fun Beer Names / Labels for May 2020

I am not a fan of copyright infringement or cheap branding ideas but I do like the name of this beer from Listermann Brewing Company

…yeah, the image is janky and crossing movie franchises in a bad way but the name is golden. “I’ve had it with these motherfucking IPAs at this motherfucking brewery” is just funny even if hidden in a weird vertical format.

Speaking of lightsabers, a better and fully executed concept comes from Swamp Head Brewery with their Imperial Entanglement…

…brewed for May the Fourth, the design is simple but I really like the addition of their tree logo to the star field and the tie fighter look is retro arcade which is super cool superimposed on the Death Star.

Great Beer Names – March 2020

OK, I lied in the March table of contents post because, we return to Oregon for the beer names / beer labels highlight for the month. Both of these beers, despite the disparate styles sound like a good pairing to me but I really like the juvenile wordplay for the Coasted Toconut and then the old school ‘fridge graphic for the pastry stout. Kudos to Hopworks Urban Brewery.

Great Beer Names – January 2020

Gonna inaugurate a new monthly feature where I highlight great beer names (paired with great design, hopefully) on SoCal beers that you should be on the lookout for. The initial pair is below…

As a long time member of the anti-kid party, I like the bold stance taken by Green Cheek here as well as the blurry red eyed bird.
Not a big fan of the grape design on the can but I do really like the name, especially for resolution and dryuary January.

You Could Do Better….

I could/should probably devote this post to Brewdog and their “humor” website for their new TV “channel” but let’s skip over that for now and focus on some bad beer names that need improvement.

Why? Because I am tired of names that appear to have been spur of the moment choices.

Let me add that I am skipping over the Blonde Ale category. I now expect sexist names for those and I feel the style has been taken to the woodshed enough and will have to be again.

Dewey Beer – Single for the Summer
Promoting infidelity? How about Party of One instead? That sounds less on the prowl.

Southern Grist – [Insert Juicy Pun]
I see what you are doing there, how very meta? How about educating? Citra Guava IPA or Mosaic Mango?

Chaos Mountain – Squatch Ale
I know there are too many Sasquatch names beers so how about finding a new mythical creature.

Boss Dog – Millenial Hipster
Wow. Two words that both are so overused that I nearly cringe into a ball. How about instead finding a niche culture and name a beer after it? Maybe Westminster Winner?

Now are the above beer names bad or lazy, not really, but they are missed opportunities for more creativity.

Strange Beer Names

After watching too many re-runs of old(ish) SNL skits with Stefon and Miss Rafferty, I thought of weird connections and how even the non-sensical can be extremely funny. Combine that with puns that breweries like to use and the results can be strange.

Here are four that struck me as funny….

Mr. Trash Wheel’s Lost Python Ale – Peabody Heights
Hilma Vanilla Burger Fries IIPA – Omnipollo
Psychedelic Cat Grass – Shorts Brewing
Perishable Produce – Block 15