The Tap is Online

I am a big fan of online tap listings.  I understand if the data entry gets too much but just being on FaceBook isn’t enough and Instahooting new kegs just can’t beat a menu. Especially when the tap numbers reach upwards of 50 or more.

Which is why I am glad that one of my locals has made the leap into websitery….

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.34.35 PM

Thank you Glendale Tap for making my life easier.  Now I can point people out to what is on tap and how to find your corner locale with one URL.

Maui Brewing photos

My beer partner in crime Richard went to Maui Brewing in 2010 and here are some photos for those (like me) who have yet to be to Hawai’i.

The tanks in the brewery
a mouth watering menu
a taster tray of Hawaii's best
this is how to pay for a pint!

all photos courtesy of Richard Rosen