At the ‘Back

Holy Bloomin’ Onion was I shocked at the paucity of options at Outback Steakhouse. Now, despite working with a three minute walk of one, I had studiously avoided entering it or the Hometown Buffet or Olive Garden near it.

I wasn’t expecting much when I walked in and my only question was whether it was “tied” to Bud or Miller. Answer: Bud. Were the glasses frosted ice cold, yup. Don’t bother tasting your steak, the tip of your tongue is cold from the Foster’s.

Speaking of, of all the places to carry the full line of Australian beers from at least one brewery, it is sad that they just had the lager. I don’t expect Aussie craft on tap but when you have a “theme”, why are you not playing it to the hilt with three or four Foster’s beers. Pair ’em up with your specials for the month.

Or you could promote a menu item pairing steak and lobster with Golden Road 329 Lager? And then be out of it? When you are across the street from a BevMo?

I know, you may think that I am inching away from Geek status to Snob but I don’t think so. It isn’t about the beer itself. I am not expecting HopSlam on draft in the correct glassware. It is the lack of effort that concerns me. Especially from a company with resources behind it. When I hear, “I guess I will have a Stella.” How Australian are you?

If the amount of care taken in the beverages is any indication then what must the food quality be?

The Big Board

One of my must stops during the trip to Portland for the Beer Bloggers Conference was Bailey’s Taproom.

Not necessarily for the beer or ambience (which it has both of!) but for this……

….an up to the minute beer list!

As someone who helps put together a weekly tap list of what’s pouring in Los Angeles (see FoodGPS if you are not already signed up). This is a godsend. Easy to read. It has all the pertinent information, from price to style to glassware and most importantly, the keg level!

To make life even easier, near the cashier is a computerized list of nearby bus lines with the times.

I am no technology apologist but this is something that I wish every bar had on the wall.

38 Degrees Alehouse


Last night I had a great beer conversation with Clay Harding from 38 Degrees Ale House in Alhambra. It will be appearing either in next weeks FoodGPS beer blast or the next. (Depending upon my writing speed).

In the meantime, I highly suggest making the trek to Alhambra. Clay has a some really good draught beers and some amazing bottles. Victory at Sea from Ballast Point is on there. Also be sure to ask if there are any special bottles not on the printed beer bible. As you can imagine it is hard to constantly update a list in this ever growing beer world.