Craft Beer in Japan

My friend Tomm Carroll has sampled the beer scene in Japan and I am jealous.  But reading this book might bring me closer. More likely, closer than I will ever be to Japanese craft beer.


Craft Beer in Japan by Mark Meli details the breweries, the bars and the ji-biru.  Along the way Meli has tasted over 1,700 and he has found out tid-bits of the beer culture in Japan as well.  Making it more than just a quickie guidebook. Right now it appears to be only Kindle version but all the better for those on the road.



Colorado Beer Guide

Thanks to one of my college buddies, Erika and the magic that is Facebook, I can bring you this interesting article from the great craft beer state of Colorado. Click HERE. (NOW)

OK, now that you have read the little blurb and have returned back here, HERE is the link to the really cool and intense map of Colorado beer.

I will certainly be using it when I go to Boulder in November.